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Cellucor is at it again with these new generation Pre workout formulas. Take your training to a new level with these 2 new products. Use code PT9286 for 25% off your order. Register on site for newsletters and get free shipping on any order. Be sure to checkout the Cellucor cor series protein, it doesn't get any better than that Smore's with little marshmallows in each scoop. ; ;


FP Labs: Scorch'd Now Available $20.00 & Free shipping to the 1st 25 who order.

It's here.
FP Labs Thermogenic Fat Burner " Scorch" it's available!!
The 1st 25 orders will receive the product for $20.00 plus tax.
Free shipping on all orders the 1st 25 items.

As many of you know, it has helped me cut a lot of fat in the past few weeks and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you can see the results I have obtained.

Jesse Westburgh is in full blown show prep and only 2 weeks out, he has been on the product for the past 5 weeks and the results have been amazing as myself and Westburgh have done the Beta Testing for this product.

Note: Results will not come from taking a tablet alone, for optimal results, diet and training are your key principles.

Be one of the few to get this great deal for only $20.00.....
                                                              It's time to get Scorch'd...

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