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Charlotte Quillens video Series is in Motion. Watch her Transform over the next 12 weeks. Get nutrition tips, training tips, etc.

It's motivating me and I am the one recording , my motivation is always high so it can do a lot for someone looking for an extra push.
Workout tips, workout clips. Nutrition tips, tiny things I'll explain during the workouts to help take you to a new level.
Later this week, we go through her leg workout and we'll be discussing her supplement usage as of the next few weeks.

Next week, we'll go into little details about nutrition, we'll show some food prepping , tips on prepping, etc.
Each week you will get something new.
Don't miss out.


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Very Excited to be Working with such a Motivated Individual... Need Motivation: Read this.

A fresh post right off of facebook from one of our new Team Poynter members.

I can't say how excited I am to be working with her, she has an amazing personality, she seems as though she will be unbreakable during this new life altering journey.

It's not often I get a feeling like this but the past couple times I have, the result has been mind blowing to say the least.

So the journey is beginning, stay tuned to watch what happens.

Thanks Amy Hyland.. Your gonna be a major motivator and inspiration.........

Follow her journey through her FB page:

Yes, this is TRUE about the scale BUT when you are over 200lbs and just 5'3", that number on the scale should NOT be over 200 lbs (even with muscle) least for me. Thus, why I'm currently obsessed with the scale. When I hit about 170/180, I won't care at all anymore about the scale but until then- that number means a lot. It reflects my time in the gym working out and eating right until I'm below 200. It shows my progress in the right direction. It holds me accountable. It keeps me motivated. At least that is how it is for me. To each it's own right?!?! I just see a lot of you tell me "not to worry about the scale" so I thought I would explain why I do"
Amy Hyland


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Team Poynter Accomplishments at the Kentucky State show: Video Blog

Just a recap of the show this past weekend and a shout out to the amazing work by all our members who competed.

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