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Good Afternoon to all.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week and now that we are half way through, we can finally see the end of the week and that all exciting day of Friday which ends the week for most of us.

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To all the Service Men and Women out there, we really respect you and do Salute you for what you do in getting us Safe, keeping us safe and for the fact that we know we can always count on you to protect us day to day.

Happy Veterans Day to all!
Steve Poynter: CEO Fitnesspoynters.com & Nutrijectmeals.com


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New Training Protocols by Steve & Charlotte +30% off

Good Afternoon, Morning or Evening,

We wanted to take a moment and say hey to everyone, it's been a long time since we sent out a blog post.
With that said, we hope you are all doing well in life and staying on track to your goals.

I'll keep it short and simple.

We have altered our training methods, we now ask for updates at every 11-17 days( we decide on which day once we set you up) . As we have been doing some trial and error with this, we have found it holds a person more accountable because at that 11-17 day point, we ask for progression pics and if we see that you are working toward your goals, we will alter your meals up for you, something we didn't do in the past.

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We reward the dedicated after around 6-8 weeks with a new workout program as well, no extra charges are applied if the results are easy to see.
As we move along with the 11-17 day updates, we may alter your cardio as well.
Things that may change in the meals are the following:

*The allowance of a random cheat or refeed day.
*Alter the meals around completely to shock your body into more change.
 *Lower or raise your carb and or fat levels per day.
 *Lower or raise your protein intake per day.

Want to get a little more in touch with your trainer:
Charlotte is taking on a roll where she is allowing skype sessions to take place.
This makes things a little more personal and we know some people need this.
Whatever we can do to help change a life, we will do it.

6 years strong and still going.
Thank you all who have been amazing supporters and to those of you who have made drastic life altering changes....

Have a great upcoming weekend.
Steve & Charlotte
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