New Training Videos: 8 Weeks to Shredded & Kim Gipsons Journey to the Stage!

As we continue the movement toward our goals, we have new training videos up with more on the way.

If you missed Kim's amazing story of where she was and where she is now, here it is again to get things started.
Below that is her Leg Training day.

3rd on the platter is a delt training day where you can possibly pickup some tips for delt work.

Video 1: Kim talks about how she has lost over 100 lbs.


My Self Motivation Journey: 8 Weeks to Shredded: Episode 1 & 2

There are times when it's hard to find the motivation to stay driven, determined & disciplined. I fell into this rut early this year after doing a bulk over the winter, I ended up hating going to the gym, I couldn't find it in me to eat as clean as I needed in order to get lean gain.

So with having those troubles, I had to find something that would motivate me to put in all the work required to get my body back to the level I have always lived at, that level being very lean, walking around daily with a low bodyfat percentage.

The only thing I could think of that would Drive me to this level again would be to do this video series, documenting 8 weeks of work , I am now almost 3 weeks in and everything is going really really well, the Drive, Discipline & Determination have all returned. Follow my journey over the remaining 5 weeks and lets see where I can end up at the end.
New videos coming the weekend over August 6, 2016. Episode 1 Episode 2

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