Military Green Hoodie: Pre Order

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We are now taking pre orders for Military Green Hoodies.
Hoodie orders will go in on January 3rd.

If you are local and want to pick your hoodie up from me, please message me on facebook, or send me an email. You do not need to pay a shipping charge!!

This is a short order time but we have had a really good feedback on those who want hoodies.
This image isn't 100% accurate, the green looks a little light on the actual hoodie but you get more of an idea if you see the Logo image on the bottom left...

Gildan Heavy Blend: Very light, durable & comfortable hoodies!!
50% Cotton
50% Polyester


Thanks much



Back( Lats) / Tris & Bi Training Tips December 2016

Here are some training tips to help you get the most out of those grueling workout sessions.
Don't set yourself up for lack of progression, do things the right way in order to bring out the best gains, best detail of muscle etc.

The smallest change in a training method could make a world of difference.

Leave your Ego at the door!!

Cable Rows Pulldowns: Kim Gipson & Charlotte Quillen working!
Low Pulley Isolated Bicep Curls:
 Rope Pushdowns Modified

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Training tips to come Monthly!!