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Vote Cellucor and Win..... Supplement awards.

Cellucor is doing an incredible promotion for those taking time to vote on their favorite Cellucor products.

Simply follow the link below which directs you to the voting board, there you will find the rules and descriptions on how you can win, it's really simply as you collect points on all the votes you give to Cellucor.

Once you follow the link, this is what you will see and then once at the link, you can actually find what you need "below" in order to collect your points.

Thanks guys.
Steve Poynter


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Food Prep Tips # 2: Meal Management

Hello Everyone.
Here is a new video I have put together to give you some tips on how to prep your meals and stay on point.
Preparation is the key.........
  * Prepare to succeed
   * Prepare to fail............It's your decision!

Steve Poynter
Online training/ coaching services.


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Shout Out to Team Poynter Competitors on 7-12-14

Morning All.
I just wanted to send a shout out to 2 of our amazing athletes at .
Those girls would be Sarah Croft and Rebecca Taylor, both competing today in Texas as the Branch Warren Classic .
This will be the 2nd show for Sarah and the 1st show for Rebecca.

Both have made amazing strides in life by changing their bodies to make this happen, each very very impressive, as Sarah used to be overweight and Rebecca was really tiny with no muscle structure it seemed, well that has both changed for both and both look incredible to say the least and I am very proud to be their friends, their coach.
It's a big day for both and I just wanted to share.

Attached is a pic of the girls from a couple weeks ago.
Both Military Ladies I must add.

Have a great day Everyone.
Steve Poynter