7 Days of Holiday Deals: Up to 20% Off

Merry Christmas Everyone.

With Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to take this final week before Christmas and offer up some deals on our most popular programs.
I have discounted 4 of our major programs.
See Below:
The Psychotic Fat Destruction:

The Extreme Fat Destruction:

Extreme Fat Destruction : Home Edition: Where you do the workouts in your own home!

& Our Show Prep Package:

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Thank you and have a great day.

Steve Poynter


New " How To Videos" Take these movements and improve your bodyparts.

Hey Everyone.
I am putting together very short training clips of " How to" These are just little tips that can really make a difference in the outcome of the muscle. These really target areas in special ways.

You have to pay close attention to the way you hold a bar, or place your feet for instance.
When working a muscle, it's not just about moving weight, you have to have some control of that way, actually you control the weight, don't let it control you.

The slower and the more controlled you are, the more muscle fibers can be hit during the movement.
It can also make you stronger in the long run and will certainly bring you those hard to get gains.

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Bring in the glutes and hams with this style leg press. Outter Quad Sweep: Thanks everyone, enjoy your day.
Steve Poynter


Black Friday turns to Cyber Monday... Fitness Deals Runing now.

I hope everyone had a great and Happy Thanksgiving.

In order to honor Cyber Monday, we are extending our deals at Fitnesspoynters.com .
We cut prices on our major products for Black Friday, those deals were up to 20% off and we'll be continuing those price drops through late Monday, possibly into Tuesday morning.

Below you will have the direct link to the major discounts we are offering.


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