Fitnesspoynters 2014 Competition Season is off to an Amazing Start: Kat Garcia & Lisa Sweet

As the 2014 Competition season gets under way. I would like to take a moment and commend 2 ladies that I have been training for quite some time now, they have both made amazing strides with progression and both competed this past weekend in California.

We would like to send a shout out to Lisa Sweet who competed in Figure Masters and brought home a 3rd place trophy.

Lisa once again proves that if you have the drive and discipline to make changes happen within your body, you can certainly do so, There is no limit on age, no limit on ones capabilities, the only thing that may hold you down is lack of discipline and that all important commitment factor.

This is Lisa's 2nd show under us and she has placed high in both shows.
We can't wait to see what Lisa does in her other shows this year.

 Here you see Lisa in 2013 as well as her full transformation to get to where she is now.


Now we move on to Kat Garcia who completely owned the stage at her 1st show ever.
She won her class and went on to win the Overall Category in Womens Figure.
Her work ethic is one that nobody,  not even her husband could break if he tried, her dedication level was on the highest level possible.

The transformation she has made since day 1 has been quite amazing, she has put on so much lean muscle mass and has one of the smallest waistlines I have looked at.

I won't spend any more time talking, here are her results, from day 1 through where she is now.
Note that Day 1 from today is not after 12 weeks, the pics you see from Day 0- week 12 is when she began with us, after that we put her on another program before starting her prep.

I look forward to watching what she does in July and then what she does in the future, this girl has all the potential to take it to the next level.