Embrace & Grind T'shirts.. Gym Swag Available

For those of you who are hardcore lifters and love to take things to a new level in the gym, you should rock one of our new " Embrace & Grind" T's we had made ..
These are 100% cotton and not pre shrunk so with that said, I am running a special on this cut until we can order more.

Get yourself a nice discount with promo code " Embrace " used at checkout.

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New Training Tip Videos: Plus, add these items to spice up your foods.


Hello everyone.

1st off, I hope you are all doing great and if you are following this blog, you must have some interest in fitness, so with that said, I hope all is going well and you are on your way to those goals you have set in 2015.

Here are a few items anyone should feel comfortable using to spice up your foods and make them a little less " boring" .

Walden Farms: Anything
Mrs Dash : Seasoning and any of the powders like taco, chili, sloppy joe.
Low sugar ketchup:
Braggs Aminos.
Truvia, stevia
All the coffee you desire, hot teas like green or dandelion root
Pepper or peppers to any meal
Add a pinch of sea salt to 3 meals per day.
Finally: Popcorn seasoning, as much as you want on any meal

Checkout these new training tip videos that could possibly help take your body to a new level. 
The simplest things such as hand placement, rotations etc can effect how you progress.
These and many more videos are available at:

Seated Side Lateral Raises: T-Bar Rows: Target the outter Quad: Work those glutes and hams with this leg press: