Lisa Powers: Bodybuilding.com Transformation Challenge Runner-Up

The Bodybuilding.com $100,000 Transformation Challenge has came and gone another year.
I want to congratulate all of those who entered and all of those who finished.
 An estimated 6000 people entered this years challenge, which is quite amazing, but what is sad is that over half of those individuals failed.
Failure should never be an option. There should never be an excuse for giving up or quitting.

For everyone I trained that finished, you are all amazing people, you all put in some very very hard work and took the advise I gave you and ran with it , put it to use and came out looking like you should have won the challenge.

A special shout out goes to Lisa Powers , our fitnesspoynters.com member who went through all sorts of trials and tribulations during her transformation. She never once let an injury drag her down, she fought through it, found ways to work around the pay and even sometimes through the pain. She was unstoppable.

On August 8, 2011 is when she decided she wanted to change her life with fitness.
She started on that date weighing in at 198 lbs.

Sept 16, 2011. Lisa posted this on bodybuilding.com
"Partially ruptured achilles. It's been 2.5 weeks...starting rehab. Got another 2-5 weeks until I can walk on it and another 4-6 months until I can resume real exercise. Super sad."
On Oct 29, 2011, Lisa got the boot off. Once the boot was off, the girl went on one of the sickest missions I have ever witnessed.

By October 29, 2011, she was already down to 186 lbs.  Remember, always dealing with this jacked up Achilles.

December 26, 2011. Lisa entered the Optimum Nutrition / bodybuilding.com transformation challenge.
Weighing in at 174 lbs.

Now we jump forward 12 weeks to the date. In 12 weeks, this girl did more amazing things than you would see someone on Biggest Loser do by having a trainer by their side 6-8 hours per day while working out 6-8 hours a day.
This kind of work is nothing short of amazing.
Lisa is a major motivator, inspiration and all around amazing person.
She brings the proof that all things are possible, no matter what kind of obstacle gets in your way, don't let it stop you, fight through it, find ways around it.
You have one life to live, make the most of it.

Take a minute to read Lisa's full story and see all over her pics at http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/MissTeacher/

Join us at fitnesspoynters.com and let us help lead you to the body you desire.

Thanks for reading, please share.
Steve Poynter


Overcome: You Have It In You!!

Hey Guys.
I hope all is well. I hope all you Moms have a fantastic Mothers Day. You all deserve it...

Well I posted a little something on Facebook last week and many people said it was motivating to them, so with that said, I wanted to send it out and ask you guys to please share it.
If  it will motivate one person to get up and get their body in better shape, my day will feel accomplished.

No person should be intimidated of another when it comes to a physical look. Everyone got to where they are by starting at some point they didn't like. Everyone has to start at that point and you have to be the one to dig deep to make these changes come your way. You can't sit back and be scared to do this or that because you think someone is intimidating. Just get into a gym, find a focus, don't pay attention to anyone else, work hard day in and day out and eventually you will hit a point where you could care less who is in the gym etc.

I was 130 lbs when I started, most girls had more muscle than me. I remember my 2nd day getting stuck under probably 60 lbs. I just dumped the weight and went on, I didn't give a shit who was watching, who saw me get stuck etc.
I continued day after day to bust my ass and keep on grinding things out.
I didn't crumble, tuck my head and walk out the door, and nobody should do that, nobody should fall victim to being intimidated or ashamed to hit up a gym.
You have one life, make the most out of it.
Get off your ass, make something happen. You'll be happy you did."

Sit back and think about this if you are person that has always felt intimidated.
You live that one life, make the most of it. 

Thank you guys.

Steve Poynter

Happy Mothers Day! Sign Up Special until 8pm est

Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous moms out that who work hard each and every day to provide the best life for your family.
We wouldn't be what we are today if we didn't have your loving hand to guide us down the right roads.

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The meal plan will say what, when and how much to eat , I will say what to have when you are done weight training plus I will provide you with great info to help you transform your body and help you lead a better/ healthier lifestyle.

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The Importance of Eating Often to Avoid Catabolism and Speed Metabolism!

Your body is your temple, you have to learn what is needed in order to keep it at its peak condition.
If you want to have that lean, hard looking beach body, you will have to learn to take in the proper nutrients, day in and day out.

We all grew up with people constantly telling us that we need to have 3 whole meals per day and include each of the main food groups in the meals.
Well, that is fine for growing up but once you get older, your metabolism will begin to slow down and when you continue to eat these 3 meals per day which normally include high amounts of carbohydrates and fats which turn into an insane amount of calories per meal, and the calories turn to fat cells.
This is also a process called Catabolism and catabolism takes place when you eat 2-3 meals per day and your body knows this is all you will be taking in, since this is how you eat daily. Well, it takes those foods and stores them into fat cells , this is your bodies own survival mechanism. If it thinks you are starving it, in which you are by having a couple meals a day. It will hold those foods in those fat cells so it can feed off of them later on.. But if you start eating every 2.5-3 hours from morning until bedtime, your metabolism will speed up because your body will adapt to you eating more meals per day, and instead of storing them as fats, it will burn it for energy and after those foods burn up, your body will start burning stored fats for energy, and when this happens, you will drop a great deal of body fat.

Protein is the key to fat loss and muscle gains. In order to drop fat, you need at least 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight you carry.

Fiber is something to consider as well as fiber will make you feel fuller longer and once your metabolism speeds up, you will have a feeling of hunger quite often, so the fiber will assist in keeping hunger pains away. I think adding a tsp of Wheat Germ to a couple meals per day will help with this issue.

So to sum things up, if you go from eating 3 meals per day to eating 5-6 meals per day and you stay consistent for 3-4 weeks, you can expect a great deal of fat loss in this time.
Remember, the key is to speed metabolism and you do that by eating. Do not be afraid of food, just be sure it's the right food.