Team Poynter member Jim Davis has taken time to write this up and share with everyone of you.
We are hoping it can help you find a focus that can't be broken.

Please view Jim's story as he has overcome many odds and still competes to this day.

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He was also transformation of the week which was a huge accomplishment.


Whatever your goal is for training, the single most important factor, whether in the gym or in the kitchen, is consistency. If you want to achieve those goals that are so bright in your mind, you have to make a plan and STICK to it.

If you’re scheduled for a training session, you do everything you possibly can to make it, and push it for everything you’re worth. Don’t blow off a rep a set, or a movement, just because you’re “tired”. Everyone gets tired. Everyone gets sore. The last couple of reps of any set are SUPPOSED to burn and suck, but that’s where the progress happens. Dig in, get a real clear picture of the muscle in your mind contracting to make the magic happen, and push through!

If, for whatever reason, you do have to miss a session, then get it in next time, and push a little harder. If something happens and you blow it (and it will – just know it), then get back and push harder next time. Don’t use it as an excuse to shove it off or get discouraged. Progress in the gym is not linear, and not perfect. Push as hard as you can to make it so, but don’t spend time beating yourself up over it when it isn’t. That’s energy you don’t have to waste if you’re going to reach your goal.

You’re on a plan or program for a reason. You have scheduled sessions and meals for a particular purpose. Hold that purpose in your mind. Think about it before you go to sleep. Think about it when you wake up. Daydream about it in the shower. Visualize the changes you want to make and the goal you have in mind. Feel free to dream as big as you like. Aim high! You may not hit the mark, but you’ll hit closer than if you didn’t try.

When it gets hard (and it will) to pursue something day after day, keep remembering why you wanted to do this in the first place. If you’re planning to compete, keep imagining yourself on the stage in the best shape of your life, blowing everyone else away. If you want to look good for a gathering or event, see yourself as you want to be seen, and the looks on everyone’s faces as they see the progress you’ve made.

It’s truly said, though, that “abs are made in the kitchen”. Diet is 90% of the transformation process. Without the right fuel, in the right proportions at the right time, your progress will be inhibited. Plan your meals. Cook them in advance when you can, and do so as often as you can. Carry your meals with you to work. Get a cooler, and pack them all in so you’re not tempted to just eat crap. Even if you’re going to lunch with friends from work, take it with you. Get a green salad or something at the restaurant, and just dig into what you’ve brought. Don’t let your “friends” talk you out of it.

Don’t let your family talk you out of it, either. They’re not going to always understand your goals or your commitment. If they do, you’re very lucky. Don’t let them say “Just let go this once” or “A little bite of (whatever rich, gooey and calorie-intense meal they’re offering) won’t hurt.” It will. It’ll make a difference in your progress. It’ll slow you down, and you don’t want that.

This lifestyle is YOUR choice. Don’t look at it as a “I have to do this” in a bad way. It’s “I CHOOSE to do this, to make a difference in my life.”

Live the life.

Make the difference.

Be consistent in your goals and your efforts and it WILL happen."