A must have if you are into Fitness!

In 2009 when I went to the Arnold Classic, I stopped at a booth called 6 pack Bags. I watched the guys display these bags and go step by step how they work and why you should have one if you are into fitness.
These are the most amazing things I have seen related to helping you keep track of your meals in a nice compact way.

These bags will hold 6 nice sized meals, they will carry a couple bottles of water, the have a compartment for your supplements and they have the slots for ice packs to keep your meals cool.

Check out this link and look at the bags. I know a couple people who just got theirs in today and they are amazed with how they work.


I can also help you save 10% on the bags for a limited time. You can simply go to the site, order the bag you prefer and at checkout , enter the promo code PT9286.

Check those out, even if you don't want one, you will be amazed at how convenient they are..

Thanks guys.
"Train Insane or Remain the Same"



Beast Mode: Get you some!

How's your training been? Do you walk in the gym and turn into an animal? I think this is the way we should all roll in the gym, get in there, take care of business, bend some cold a$$ iron, own that stuff. Don't waste precious gym time rambling on about this and that, get to work and scare some people with your beast mode..

Tuesday was sick for us in the gym, we straight killed some pecs . We started off with the flat barbell press and after our warm ups we started throwing chains on that was a total of 54 lbs in chains.
We did 4 sets of flat bench with chains going up to 300 lbs for reps of 4 for me(trying to add that mass while being lean)
We always finish our low rep sets with a set of high reps to really force some blood into the muscle..Example: Last set for 10 reps with 2 forced reps.

We then hit some Incline dbell presses where I hit a new level on those, I got 100's up for 6 reps, nice slow, deep clean reps.We did 3 sets followed by one drop set.
After that, we torched the lower pecs with weighted dips..

By this time we are fried as you can imagine but we must roll on..

To finalize the torture to the pecs, we rolled out some FST-7's with cable crossovers..

How's that sound? Get in there, get you some, make it a hostile takeover..

Update me on the progress you made, your progress helps fuel me ....




Leg Day: Enough Said!

Killed it in the Gym!!! Get you some 

Would like to get all the support I can. If I can inspire you in any way, please tell me at this link:

What a day of training, we completely trashed quads and hams. We put them through 2 hours of pure hell.
I wish we could train with hundreds of people and put them through the kind of hell that true lifters like us on here like to go through.

We smashed quads with about 15 total sets of squats, both barbell and hack squats, finished off with a drop set of hacks which left us feeling lightheaded but at the same time like a true beast who just unleashed straight hell.

After those we strolled outside for some parking lot lunges. The parking lot fresh off 5 days of being black topped so you know the heat was rising off it like an oven on broil. We killed 2 sets of lunges of about 50 yards each, the temperature well over 95 and no telling what on that concrete.

We went back in and killed the hams, starting off with standing leg curls. Put some weight on there that almost pulled the hamstrings off, but who cares, they will grow back or heal up after destruction.
Finished the day off with stiff leg deadlifts with heave dbells and followed it up with high foot placement on the leg press to really finalize the hell on hams..

I must say it was one of the most grueling workouts we have had..
Get in there and get you some. Leave all you  have on that gym floor, after all , you go for results right?

I wanted to share a couple vids with you guys that I made last week.
One is a post workout shake I have made up, it has all your carb and protein needs for after training.
Another I am using to motivate you to push yourself to the max.