Killing Legs and Loving It!

Another sick workout in the books..

Well I was solo today, no partners on hand to motivate or push me..
Oh well, sometimes you are better off solo anyway.

I manned up, got things rolling, took my motivation from my girl and her partner in there.
When you see chics doing box squats, man, that is good stuff.

Here we go.. 1:00 pm est.

Barbell squats: ATG:
6 sets: 10-2 reps

Front Squats: 4 sets: 10-6 reps

Box squats with red beginner bands: 35 lb bands:
4 sets: 8-4 reps

Sled Dragging out in the parking lot: 6 plates: 4 rounds of 40 yard pulls.

Then I killed some hams with some new things I tried out.

Had several feelings of letting my pre workout meal free into the world haha.
To finish the day off I just went and did 35 mins cardio and destroyed some abs..8:30 pm est.

Get in the gym, take over, never depend on anyone else. Get in there, turn into a beast and unleash pure hell on anything that gets in your way.
If you squat, squat low, no half a$$ going on. It's not a squat when you only move 2-4 inches..If you don't hit parallel, you might as well stay at home..

If you bench, touch that chest, don't barely move it and say you are doing something.
Incline is the same way, do it like it's meant to be done. Touch the chest and explode it up.

Curling: Curl it, don't put your shoulders into it and do all the work, let those arms extend fully out and then contract them fully on the way up.

What all do you guys seeing get done in the gym that has no value to it?
My workout Journal: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=126587933

” The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
So wake up, forget past mistakes, forget you ever failed, in fact , forget everything. Step up and release that Animal inside”