Thank you for a Great Year!

I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you who have supported myself this past year..It has been quite the year for myself..
I went from a job of where I had worked for over 9 years, I took a chance on running and maintaining my income through http://www.fitnesspoynters.com . Things could not have gone any better than they have this year.
We havfef put together a team of a number of members I can't even count anymore...

With your dedication and hard work, you have brought my business to be something I never imagined.
All I can do is say thank you , thank you, thank you..

I want to congratulate all the current memebers on the life altering progress you made this year, each and every week I have been amazed by the progress you have brought forth.
Continue to progress and inspire and motivate others as you are....

I have to give a big shout out to http://www.cellucor.com .
Cellucor has been a great assistance in allowing me to take my body to a new level of fitness.
I ran a couple cycles of the Extreme Mass Kit and made really great gains while keeping my bodyfat to a minimum.
As many of you know, I just ran my all out bulk cycle, where I went from 163 lbs to 208 lbs @ 9.7% bodyfat. I used a lot of M5 and NO from Cellucor as I stacked the 2 for my pre workout intake.
R3 is and always be a staple of my supplement list..R3 is something I run year round, as it is a great post workout supplement, not only does it repair muscle tissue, it can help in healing lifting related issues, like tendonitis, golfers or tennis elbow or mild muscle strains.

I have now started my cut and I will continue to run with Cellucor products:
  1. IsoPro Ultra-Lean for my protein
  2. T7- My non stimulant fat burner
  3. WS1- My other non stimulant burner
  4. NO Extreme -pre workout, for intense pumps and crazy vascularity, as well as lean gains
  5. R3- As mentioned above. 
Stay tuned as I will be posting weekly updates of vids and photos of my progress on this cut with Cellucor & Fitnesspoynters workouts and Keto diet.

Thank you guys!

Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I just want to take a second and wish Everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy and Safe New Year!

Congratulations to all that have made crazy improvements in their bodies and health in 2009. 
Just imagine what you can do in 2010. 
Lets take things to a level we never knew existed!

:What to expect from the Blogspot in the upcoming months:
  • Contests for free giveaways to current Team Members as well as non Team Members
  • Info on different training methods, such as Static Training, Negative training, FST-7's and HIIT(High Interval Intensity Training) Cardio sessions.
  • We will discuss the Ketosis(Keto) diet and how it can be beneficial to you when looking to drop weight.
  • We will also be having posts from Current Team members, regarding their training and nutrition.
 Stay tuned and let us assist you in finding your drive and motivation in taking fitness to a new level!

Once again, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Steve Poynter


The Free Psychotic Fat Destruction Workout and Meal Plan Goes To:::

After long debates and an extremely difficult decision, the judges of the free Psychotic Fat Destruction have came to a conclusion..
Because of the close voting and a tie with 2 people, I have decided to go ahead and provide both of these individuals with the free plan..

The Winners are:
Kim Bond
Onel Rodriguez

I will be asking the winners to provide before pics and I will ask them to give me updated stats every 2 weeks..
If they cannot provide this, I will then choose someone else to have the plan!

Thank you all for entering, you will have a special email sent to you with a special offer, look for that within the next 3 days..
If you did not provide an email address to me, please do so asap. If you don't, you will not receive the special email offer..

Stay tune for future giveaways from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com

Thank you,
Steve Poynter


My Personal 12 week Cut :

Today: December 14, 2009 , I have officially started my cut as I concluded my 14 week bulk..During that bulk , I went from 163 lbs at 5% bodyfat up to 208 lbs and managed to keep my bodyfat at 9.7% , which I was beyond happy with..
I used one of the Mass Meal Plans from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com I also combined that with a newly made workout I made up for 2009. I continued to use Cellucor supplementation: M5, NO Extreme and R3..

With my cut, I will also be using Cellucor supplementation with products such as WS1, T7 , NO and R3.
I will be combining the supplements with my Psychotic Fat Destruction workout and a new meal plan, called a Ketosis(Keto) plan..
This should be an interesting combination as the Psychotic workout is insanely intense and the keto diet is a 0-50 carb based meal plan.. The workouts should force the body to pull from fat stores, resulting in great fat loss in a short amount of time..

I'll keep you guys posted as how to how I am feeling as well as how I am progressing over the next 12 weeks..
I will also be including Video Progress reports as well as a few training video clips from time to time..

Thank you all for checking out this blog: Feel free to comment with motivational info..I need it from you guys just like you guys need it from myself and the team from time to time..

Have a great week.


Closed Entries: The winner will be posted on Wed. December 16th 2009

I want to say thank you to all of those who entered the contest and I want to wish you the best of luck..
A special discount promotion will be sent to all those who entered. 
I also want to thank all of those who have viewed the blog and shared info with me outside of this blog...

What I will do now is post all entries so they can be viewed. Selected Team Poynter members will go in and read the entries, and on Wednesday December 16th 2009, I will post the winner at 3pm est.

Please stay tuned for more chances at a Psychotic Fat Destruction plan from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com
I will also have a chance for current members to win free products from the http://www.cellucor.com supplement line..This is me personally giving out products, Cellucor has nothing to do with this.

Thank You ,
Have a Great Day!


It's Time: Free Psychotic Plan up for grabs! Value of over $50.00

Entries are now over: Thank you all for entering..
No  new entries will be accepted!

(Dec.3,2009) Update: Due to the high volume of those interested, I am expanding the Entry Deadline to : December 10,2009 @ 4pm Est.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I now have a free Psychotic Fat Destruction plan from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com  up for grabs:
You can follow this link to see exactly what a Psychotic Fat Destruction plan is:
 http://fitnesspoynters.com/personal-training/fat-loss.html   : Free Meal Plan and 12 week workout!

Each post will have to be approved however I will not be approving them until after the contest ends on Friday December 4th , 2009 at 12pm EST. -Deadline Entry has been expanded(See Above)

Please read carefully below to find out the details:

Posted as a comment on this blog, you must tell me:

1. Why do you think you deserve to have a free plan from Fitnesspoynters.com?

2. Why I should believe you would follow the plan and not  quit after 1 or 2 weeks?

3. How long have you been currently training and why do you think your current plan may not be working for you? 

4. Do you like the results you have saw from current Team Poynter members?  Who from the testimonial page at http://www.fitnesspoynters.com would you say you would like your results to resemble?

DO NOT enter if :
  1.  You currently have a Personal Trainer
  2. If you have a home gym that has less than a bowflex or resistance bands and/or dbells and barbell. 
  3. If you are a Vegan..I cannot do Vegan meal plans at this time..I can do Vegetarian and those with Celiac Disease.
  4. If you are unmotivated and have no drive in you whatsoever to take a challenge and change your life with fitness . 
  5. If you cannot be in the gym for up to 6 days a week( 1 phase calls for 6 days training)
How will the winner be determined?
The winner will be determined by judges consisting of 7 current Team Poynter members. They will have the opportunity to read every post and after reading each, we will determine who deserves to have the plan. Once determined, I will then approve all comments and everyone can see each entry.
ALL ENTRIES must be submitted by December 4th 2009 at 12pm EST.(Updated: See above)

Thanks much and best of luck to you all.

Stay tuned for more free Psychotic plans and current Team Members: Free supplements will be available to some of you and this will be determined with similar content..

Have a Great Day!
Steve Poynter



Lets Do This!

How many of you splurged on Thanksgiving? We have one more Holiday before the new year kicks off..How many of you want to change your body for that New Years Resolution? Do you do this every year but you fall off?
What makes you want to change your body with fitness, whey do you fall off?

Take these next few weeks, find out how bad you really want to change your body..When the time comes, you will have your mind right to do this..I know it's easy to let your body go with all the hurdles daily life throws at you..You can overcome these hurdles, just make time to eat a small meal 5-6 times a day, based of clean proteins, low carbs and healthy fats..Find time to workout about 60 mins a day..Once you get your metabolism going and that fat burning process taking over..You will start to drop fat fast...Many people give up after 2 weeks, for the average person, it takes about 6 weeks for your body to adjust and adapt to what is going on..After that 6 weeks, it is generally known as "fat melting" that  takes place..

This is where I encourage visiting http://www.fitnesspoynters.com . Here , we do not play around, we go hardcore, we get straight to the point, we have workouts to take your body to the next level and in a minimum amount of time..I see changes within 2 weeks of inches being dropped, pant sizes going down, lean mass being gained..You name it, it happens..
We tell you what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat.
We tell you what to eat pre workout, post workout and what the most beneficial things to take in before bedtime are..
The workouts are extreme, they are not boring, they bring a challenge to you like you have probably never seen.

What I want you to do is think about this..I will be be providing a Psychotic Fat Destruction plan for one reader who will have the chance to go on one of these hardcore workouts and clean meal plans for 0 charge..
In the upcoming weeks we will do things that will give this oppertunity to you..

For current Team Poynter members : I will have something special going on for you as well.
It may be free protein, free cellucor, etc....Stay Tuned....

Thanks much, I wish everyone a Great Day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to take a moment and wish all Team Poynter and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving..

I am personally thankful to have all of you in my life, rather it be as a friend or as your "leader" in my attempt in helping you create a better body. I am thankful for the hard work you guys have put forward, if you weren't for you following my lead and believing in what I have to offer with workouts and meal plans,  I would never have had the dream occupation of my life that I am now leading..
Thank you all..
As appreciation to you, please check in next week or subscribe to my blogs ...I will have our 1st giveaway, rather it be a free workout/ meal plan or my giving you a gift of tub of protein..

Thanks much,
Happy Thanksgiving....

Steve Poynter



Welcome to the new Team Poynter blog spot..
Please take a moment and join the rss subscription so you don't miss out on info and deals!

What is Team Poynter ?
Team Poynter is a group of  individuals who are associated with the online training site: http://www.fitnesspoynters.com

Once you are a member of Team Poynter, you are classified as a hardcore fitness trainee, Team Poynter only knows one thing when it comes to training..You go balls to the wall every workout , if you don't or you can't, then you aren't considered part of Team Poynter.

What this blog spot will consist of:
  1. Updates on Progress of  Team Members
  2. Q&A from other Team Members
  3. Updates on the hottest available supplements
  4. Personal progress reports: As I will be starting the Psychotic Fat Destruction on the date of: 12-07-09
    I will be posting weekly progress videos and weekly progress pics..
  5. I will have weekly post about training: Things ranging from how to perform certain moves(Videos), how to shock your body with specific moves: What you can do if you are stalled in progress.. 
This is an overview of what you can expect, please feel free to share any ideas you may have that can benefit Team Poynter .
Thank you for stopping by, we are here to help anyone and everyone interested in better their bodies through clean eating and fitness....