FitnessPoynters.com Memorial Day Specials..... Low Rates/ 12 Week Programs

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and for those into fitness, I hope you are doing all you can to stay on track and reach your goals at hand.

As always, in Honor of Memorial Day, we are offering up special rates at Fitnesspoynters.com online training site.
You all know that we are legit and offer plenty of good service and we are committed to helping anyone and everyone reach their goals in health and fitness.

With that said, please take a moment to view our site, you will see our special deals we have going on.
All deals are labeled and those deals are good from Now until Monday the 26th of May until 8pm est.

Thank you all that subscribe to this blog and thank you very much for continuing to support us.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday...
From Steve Poynter and Charlotte Quillen.
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Condiments & Seasonings to Liven up your Foods.

Here are some tips to make your foods more tolerable to eat, give them a little boost with these condiments and spices & when doing so, don't fill guilty because these will not hurt your progress.


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Change A Life with these Mothers Day Deals at Fitnesspoynters.com

With Mothers Day approaching, we at Fitnesspoynters.com would like to offer a very special rate for anyone looking to help their mothers by giving them a gift that can forever change their lives.
If you are looking to make some changes to your own life, this is a great time to do so, these low rates with proof on site of what you can do with progression if you have the drive and discipline to make change happen.
And it's a perfect time to start getting yourself ready for when you go on Vacation this year.

You can visit http://www.fitnesspoynters.com and find this special deal on the package page of http://www.fitnesspoynters.com/personal-training-services/fat-loss-and-lean-gains-packages/

If you are a mother and you want to change your life with fitness, and people keep asking you what you would like or if you want to put out a hint, let them know about these special deals we have on site.

These Special Rates will be available until Monday May 12th at 9am EST.

Have a Great Day.
Have a Happy Mothers Day.

From your friends at Fitnesspoynters.com
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The Newest and Most Dominate Barbeque Sauce is available to you and it is FitnessFreak Friendly. Mark James Black

What's up everyone.

 I hope you are all having a great day, everyone is on that grind, staying focused, driven, committed etc.
If you are reading this or subscribe to it( which you should do if you haven't , hint hint). Then you are probably interested in fitness in some way.

The purpose of this post is to let the community know about a new barbeque sauce we are in love with and it just so happens that  Team Poynter member and friend of mine is the creator of this amazing stuff.

"Mark James Black is a sauce like no other. Expertly crafted with a unique blend of ingredients, this sauce is meant to be used as an all-purpose flavor enhancer for all meats, vegetables, noodles or rice. When it's time to take your meal to the next level, call upon Mark James Black to elevate flavors, enhance meats and stews and to replace every condiment with one taste that will leave you wanting more."I attest to the above statement and so many more will as well. Mark has a low cal rated version of the sauce that I have been using. I've now went through about 5 good size bottles of the "Black" and I am in the process of ordering 2 more.
I use it on my chicken, I don't put it on while cooking but I'll put some on my chicken when ready to eat or I'll just dip my chicken in it. I've pretty much used it to replace low sugar ketchup.

You can find out more about " Mark James Black" at the link below.
Mark James Black Sauce

You can also contact Mark from that site and he can give you more info on the low cal version sauces and info on how to order.

Below you see the nutritional facts on the original version of the Black. As mentioned, contact Mark for more info on getting your low cal version.
Samples are also available.

Don't miss out on what will soon be one of the best items on the market in terms of Barbeque .

Til next time, you guys have a great day.
Steve Poynter


2013/ 2014: Team Poynter: Bodybuilding.com Challenge Results:

It's been a quite some time since I have posted a blog in relation to fitness, I"ll do my best to get things in order and start keeping you guys up to date with what is going on around here at Fitnesspoynters.com

We'll start by saying thank all of you who joined us and took your training to a new level by joining the online challenge that Bodybuilding.com offers up every year.
Some of you know we trained the winners in 2011 and had a runner up in 2012 and we are hoping to add some more to that list this year.

We haven't gotten the results of 2013 yet but we are hoping to have several finish in the top and if we do, you can expect to hear about it right here. 

 So here we go, I am posting pics below of the transformations, there are a few we still haven't gotten permission from the member so we can't or wouldn't post them without that permission, even though they can be found at bodybuilding.com .

The following are posted in no particular order.
I'll give you a name and if I have the link to the members bodyspace account, it will be linked below their pics.

Angela Rodgers:  http://www.bodyspace.com/angeliceyes

Angela Rodgers

Angela Rodgers
Nick Wallen  http://www.bodyspace.com/dnwallen

Nick Wallen

Shawn Baublitz: 
 Husband and Wife: Fit Couple : Shawn and Tina Baublitz
Tina Baublitz
Trinh Warner: Only 8 weeks time with Trinh

Kristi Burnett:  http://bodyspace.com/kristiburnett
Dave Watkins
Jen Beiswenger
Marquita Jackson :  http://www.bodyspace.com/beachbodydreams
Sandra Wilson:  http://www.bodyspace.com/flygrl218
Jeff Gabrielse

So there you go guys and girls, some amazing work put in by some really amazing people.
As I always say, it's an honor to work with such dedicated and determined individuals.
Everyone that puts in this sort of amazing work makes me very proud to be doing what I am and very honored you would give me the chance to help you change your lives as you have.

This goes out to everyone I have trained or currently train. I appreciate you all, you all do some wonderful things and I'll forever be grateful you gave me the opportunity to help in whatever way I can/ could.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Steve Poynter