45% off Runs Through Monday: Life Altering Programs

Pushing the deal into Monday for ‪#‎cybermonday‬
45% off all programs. Use Promo Code MyHealth at checkout!

* Programs tailored to you and your goals. From someone who has never worked out or been in a gym to high level competitors*
* I tell you what to eat, when to eat and how much, everything is broken down to oz and grams.. You don't have to guess about anything, all you do is prep and eat the tailored meal plan.
* Workouts: You get the workout, which comes with your weight training, cardio, ab routine , instructional pics/ videos if you aren't aware of how to do things.
* Unlimited support: No limit to emails, access to private youtube how to videos, access to private support groups here on fb.
* Updates are mandatory so I can make changes to your program, all based on how you are changing and what your goals are.
** We may alter your meals every 13-15 days, just whatever it takes to get you to those goals.
* Programs can be ran from 8 weeks til whenever you decide to stop updating me.
If you are a hard worker and show me changes, you only pay a one time fee and get all this unlimited support and those unlimited changes to your meals.

* What else can you ask for besides to have your food cooked for you, well we can do that as well if you are around Kentucky.
Want to change, no better time than now since the new year is approaching.
You can start this now or in January or 1 year from now, once you pay, you get a questionnaire, as long as it's sent back within a years time, I will always honor it and set you up to begin 3-5 days later. 

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Black Friday Deals: 45% off All Programs and $10.99 Clothing Items

Happy Thanksgiving.
We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving this year.

Black Friday is upon us so you know what this means, we have amazing deals as we do each year, only this year we are offering up 45% off on all programs that we have on site.

We no longer do things as we did in previous years, around the middle of 2015, we started training differently.
We now require updates every 13-17 days( I give you the time when I set you up on your program).
With each update, we like to see progression, if you show us what's going on, we alter your meals at each update.
If we feel as though you are plateauing , we'll change your meals up, your workouts up and maybe your cardio if you can find time to do more or , we may even strip the cardio down and tighten the meals up more and put you on higher rep workouts to make your body progress.

As long as you are dedicated and committed to the program, we'll do what we can to help you progress.
So , let me ask, what more could you need for less than $100 for a training program.
You can't find this deal anywhere, not with the kind of guarantees we have and the support we show.

Join us now, you'll be forever happy you did.
Don't want to begin now but want to take advantage of the great deals? No problem, simply purchase the program you desire, once you do, we send you a questionnaire, hold that questionnaire until you desire to start, you can send that in up to a year after purchase, we will honor it for that long.

Lets get you rolling on a life altering training program.
Simply visit us at :
Use promo code MyHealth at checkout and Bam, 45% is automatically taken off your total ..

We now have Long Sleeve T's available, these are very light weight, as light as a regular t'shirt would be, great for working out in or doing your cardio in, they lay softly across your body and don't give you a big bulky look.

Long Sleeve T's
The Front has our new Fitnesspoynters Logo.
The back has this:

   My 3D Life:

$10.99 per shirt Plus $2.35 for shipping.
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40% Off All Programs : 5 Days of Deals: Get Healthy!

Good Afternoon to all.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week and now that we are half way through, we can finally see the end of the week and that all exciting day of Friday which ends the week for most of us.

We have 40% off all programs at fitnesspoynters.com in honor of Veterans Day..
Simply enter promo code Salute at checkout and get that instant discount.

To all the Service Men and Women out there, we really respect you and do Salute you for what you do in getting us Safe, keeping us safe and for the fact that we know we can always count on you to protect us day to day.

Happy Veterans Day to all!
Steve Poynter: CEO Fitnesspoynters.com & Nutrijectmeals.com