2nd Motivational & Inspirational Trainnig Vid from The Fitnesspoynters Crew.. RAC Gym

Very sorry to post 2 in one day but I noticed the newest and the best video didn't post.
Here we are trashing delts, you will see some special movments, you will see how we do presses and how we shock the body with bands from time to time.
Everyone here giving 100% effort, both in the gym and at the table....

Get Motivated & Inspired: New Training Videos Feb 2017

New Training Clips from Feb 2017...
Josh & Nikita Reece going through the BB.com Challenge.
The rest of the crew grinding it out hard day in and out so we can all hit those goals!!


Charlotte Qulllen Video Clips: Training/ Show Prep: Get Motivated & Inspired!

Video Clips of Charlotte Quillen Training / Leading into the 2014 Kentucky Muscle where she cleaned house!!
New Videos are coming soon/ Subscribe to the link below!

Instagram: @charlotteQuillen

                                  The Day She Decided to Join a Gym!!


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