Independence Day Specials!!

Good Evening, Good morning or Good Afternoon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you are looking forward to all the festivities taking place this week as we celebrate Independence Day.

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has worked so hard at giving us the freedom's we have in life. If it wasn't for all you strong , proud and courageous men and women fighting for us day in and day out, we could never celebrate this day.
This goes out to the past , present and future soldiers of America.

So we wanted to run some Specials to honor Independence Day.

What we have done is altered our pricing on the package deals you see on our site.
The 2 main packages is what we lowered the pricing on.

The 1st is the Extreme Fat Destruction which we cut from $72.99 down to $65.99 .

The 2nd package we slashed the price on was the popular Psychotic Fat Destruction: It is originally $94.99, we cut that price down to $80.99.

Please note, we do take payments on the Psychotic plan , with the prices being cut, it would be half up front and the other half one month from the 1st payment made.

These specials are good from June 30,2013 until July 5th 2013 at Noon est.

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to email me and ask me anything you like.
My email is  steve@fitnessspoynters.com
Our website is : Fitnesspoynters.com

Thank you for your support and thank you for all of you who refer people to our site and help us change the life of someone.

Everyone have a fabulous start to your week and a Safe and Happy 4th of July.

Thank you.
Steve Poynter


Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Why I believe the approach to fat loss is much better than when someone is only looking for weight loss.
The effects of weight lifting and eating multiple times per day with very high protein foods vs the effects of barely eating anything and doing tons of cardio.

Lets start with weight loss and the "Im not gonna eat approach".

When you go hours and hours with little to no eating, you are seriously depriving your body of very very important nutrients you receive from different foods. There are so many things you need from eating that it's hard to really list them all. But some of the most important that come from eating are the following.
Eating little to no foods will cause your body to very poor bowel movements, it can really play a roll in how your kidneys function, not just at the present time but over the entire length of your life.
Taking in little to no foods per day can really decrease the brains function, it makes it hard to think clearly and to make wise and smart decisions.
There are so many harmful things that it can do to your body that I really can't list them all.

Another thing it really hurts is your muscle , when you don't eat and you try to do something to get active, sure you may lose weight but the weight loss will be in the form of water weight and you will also be losing muscle mass due to your body storing fats rather than burning them. Your body will start pulling it's energy sources from muscle over fat due to your body having to have fat on it to survive, so what it does when you actually decide to eat something is, it'll take those foods and store them into fat cells because it has no clue when you are going to eat again and it will go into protection mode by making sure that you aren't going to starve yourself to death.

I don't want to say you will never lose fat by not eating because eventually at some point, your body will not allow any more muscle to be burned up so therefore , it will have to start eating on fat.

It's easy to see those who go after weight loss in this way. They seem to all have "saggy skin" all over the body really, from the face down to the legs. They have droopy/ sagging skin on the face, lots of layers of skin hanging off their bellies, black spots under the eyes and just all in all they look really unhealthy, even though they may feel healthy. You can damn well bet they aren't .

I don't want to say you won't see sagging skin in some people because there are plenty of people who are overweight who do things the right way and lose a ton of fat and weight but these are your really really obese individuals.

Now we get to eating multiple times of day with high protein foods, healthy fats and the right amount of carbohydrates.

I like to have individuals eat every 2.5-3 hours while taking in those healthy foods that are high in those proteins, fats, carbs etc. 
You're now getting tons of nutrients and vitamins at a timely manner each day and when you do this, your body knows that you aren't starving it, you are feeding it, probably more than you ever have , so when it recognizes this, your metabolism starts to speed up, you start to see your body changing in that healthy manner.
With your body knowing a meal is coming to it and it's the right foods, it can take that fat and use it for fuel rather than using muscle for fuel because again, it knows you aren't starving it, so there is no need to store those foods as fats.

When you add in weight training with this style of eating, you can expect drastic changes with your body.
You will add lean muscle mass and the more lean mass you pack on, the quicker your body will burn up that fat. You can even get to the point where, when you are just sitting around or sleeping, your body is still burning up fat.

Weight training will cause lots of fat loss, inches lost etc but it may not make the scale change and this is due to the point of you putting on this lean muscle and cutting that body fat.
Muscle weighs so much more than fat , that when you pack that lean mass on, you may not see the scale move or it may even go up at 1st. This doesn't mean you are getting fat, this means absolutely nothing bad what so ever. All it means is that you are changing in ways that is 100% healthy for your body.
One should never stress out over this when you know you are eating right, training hard etc.

When you weight train to drop your body fat. You won't see sagging skin, you won't get a drooping face, you wont' have spots under your eyes. You'll see muscle cuts come out, if you get lean enough, you can see your abs come in. Keep getting leaner and you can see your veins popping out in different areas.
All signs of great things happening with your body. The signs that you are on the right track to your goals.

There you have my thoughts on changing your body the right way.

I must say I am not saying it's good to quit doing cardio, you should still do some, just don't make it the focal point of your workouts. Start doing some weight training, it's not boring, it's harder than cardio and if it's harder, that means that you can see results in a quicker time than you would from doing cardio alone.
So if you were doing 30 mins cardio, replace the 30 mins cardio with 20 mins weight training and then finish off with 10 mins cardio.

 I guarantee you that you will see greater results and won't be bored to death while getting those results to come your way.


Consistency, Drive and Determination : The ingredience to Success!

First off I hope everyone is doing really well and all of you in the states are ready for the summer time to light us up.......

I wrote a little something on Facebook today and I just wanted to share it with more people and give you all something to think about when it comes to who you may blame for something that isn't going the way you want it to.

Sometimes I wonder why some people get mad and act like its someone else's fault they don't see results. It's easy to see who is consistent and who isn't. I know everyone is different and things may take longer etc but I give an alter whatever I see needed for them to progress .

If we didn't have all these transformations and only had a couple, I'd take the blame all day long but when u work w people all over the world from all walks of life , all different living situations , some without luxuries we have available to us. 

With that said, I know all things are possible w fitness, it's the individual who has to put in the work, the time and be committed and determined to get things accomplished. If you can't do that with us, how can anyone help you. Helping yourself had to happen before anything else ever will.