Week 3: Psychotic Fat Destruction!

As stated previously, I am running the Psychotic Fat Destruction from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com .
I have just started week 3 , this is my 3rd day, which is an off day, so I wanted to share some info on how things are going .

Eating hasn't been on point like this for the past 1.5 years. I am on a mission to do some major f'n damage and get insane results, just like the rest of my team does.
I have a focus that no person or nothing is going to break.
Bring that pizza, bring those fries, bring all that junk, lay it down here and see if I give in.. Probably not.

Now here is my 2nd set of progress pics.
These will show you where I stand today.

Get in the gym, Get you some, Destroy some Iron!!!