Nutrition Dialed in, Training is on point, Now all you need are the proper Supplements to take you to that next Level!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas & Safe Happy New Year!!

Kick it off right with getting in the gym, getting your nutrition right and then get the correct supplements to fuel you through that training but also to help with recovery etc.

What are My Go to items from BPI:
Best BCAA:
Liquid water enhancers:
Best Protein
Whey HD

Mix your bcaa in a shaker cup and drink during training.
Protein: A great post workout intake to fuel recovery.
Water enhancers: Enjoy any time of day, they have multiple types.


Vintage Blue Racerback Tanks & T's: Next Level Triblend

New Racerback Tanks & Tshirts : Vintage Blue:

Brand: Next Level / Very soft & Lightweight
Material: Triblend : 50% Polyester/ 25% Rayon/ 25% Cotton

Sizes:  Small & Medium Tanks 
           Small, Medium, Large & XL
                 Limited Quantities

Char & Nikita have on Smalls 


Vintage Blue Ts
Displayed is an XL



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Training Videos: We are 2 Weeks out as of Saturday

Checkout some of our training videos leading into the Kentucky State Bodybuilding show.

I will enter Bodybuilding &Classic Physique

Charlotte will enter Womens Physique & Figure

Fitnesspoynters.com for Show Prep, Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Gains & More!
One Stop Shop to Better Health & Condition

 3.5 Weeks out : Chest: 500 Carbs/ Arm Training and Posing


12% Off All Programs plus Charlotte & Kim Show Prep

Happy upcoming 4th:
Everyone stay safe and have one hell of a  time.....

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  •     Best BCAA
  •     Whey HD
  •      Bam Pre workout
  •     Best Whey 
  •     Plus More!!!!!!!!! 

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Matador: Great for lean gains, pumps and distributing your carb intake into the muscle.
Ravenous: Digestive aid plus if you have a hard time eating, it increases your appetite.
Grazed: Great for digestion and for anyone that hates eating veg.
Shredabull ( Thermogenic fat burner with Yohimbine)

Be sure you checkout Charlotte & Kim Gipsons Journey to the stage series on youtube.
New Videos posted weekly of Training, Posing, Nutrition and Daily life....

Have a great Weekend.
Happy 4th
Steve Poynter


Suck up tha Suck T's plus discounted older 2017 Triblend Ts

New :
Suck up tha Suck Military Green T's, Unisex.

I told someone this saying one day and it sort of stuck so I decided to get it put on shirts.
It's true for all of us who have to go hard to reach goals and once the suck sets in of eating and or cardio, then we must suck up that suck and move on , keep the grind going in order to reach those goals.

On the front is a small FP logo in the upper left hand chest area.
Sizes Small -XL Available.

$13.00 and Free Shipping.


Also Available at a Discount:
Color: White/ Concrete
Triblend: Very soft and light weight
$12.00 : Free Shipping :

Triblend: Unisex:



New Racerback Tanks & Ts'

New Fitnesspoynters Swag!
                                               Both items are Triblend Next Level / Very Soft

New Racerback Tanks for the Ladies:
Color: Grey:
Style: Racerback
Material: TriBlend
50% Polyester
25% Cotton
25% Reyon

Unisex T's:
White( With a Concrete Look)
Style: Tshirt
Material: TriBlend
50% Polyester
25% Cotton
25% Reyon




Weekly Vlog Posts : Informative & Motivational!

I have started doing some Vlogs aka. Video blog posts , just going over random things, giving insight to things we do , as well as answering questions that others may have that are in regards to Fitness, Health, Nutrition & Supplements.

Feel free to follow along, ask questions etc.
We are also doing more Training Tip videos each week.

I should also mention the Video series ( Journey to the Stage II) is now rolling at Charlotte Quillens Youtube channel:
As I will document her and Kim Gipsons journey to the stage in August.

Below are a couple Vlog posts as well as the 1st training clip of the Show prep series.

Char & Kim Training: sorry but the audio content was removed due to " copyright" laws..


Military Green Racerback Tanks & T's

Womens Military Green Racerback Tanks:
Limited Quantities:
Brand: Next Level: Triblend
50% Cotton
25% Polyester


                                                               Displayed: Large
Unisex Next Level Triblend T's
Military Green
50% Cotton
25% Polyester
25% Rayon

Extremely Soft & Comfortable!
* On the back at the bottom: " The Will to Persevere"


2nd Motivational & Inspirational Trainnig Vid from The Fitnesspoynters Crew.. RAC Gym

Very sorry to post 2 in one day but I noticed the newest and the best video didn't post.
Here we are trashing delts, you will see some special movments, you will see how we do presses and how we shock the body with bands from time to time.
Everyone here giving 100% effort, both in the gym and at the table....

Get Motivated & Inspired: New Training Videos Feb 2017

New Training Clips from Feb 2017...
Josh & Nikita Reece going through the BB.com Challenge.
The rest of the crew grinding it out hard day in and out so we can all hit those goals!!


Charlotte Qulllen Video Clips: Training/ Show Prep: Get Motivated & Inspired!

Video Clips of Charlotte Quillen Training / Leading into the 2014 Kentucky Muscle where she cleaned house!!
New Videos are coming soon/ Subscribe to the link below!

Instagram: @charlotteQuillen

                                  The Day She Decided to Join a Gym!!


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Shredded Kit! 



Military Green Hoodie: Pre Order

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We are now taking pre orders for Military Green Hoodies.
Hoodie orders will go in on January 3rd.

If you are local and want to pick your hoodie up from me, please message me on facebook, or send me an email. You do not need to pay a shipping charge!!

This is a short order time but we have had a really good feedback on those who want hoodies.
This image isn't 100% accurate, the green looks a little light on the actual hoodie but you get more of an idea if you see the Logo image on the bottom left...

Gildan Heavy Blend: Very light, durable & comfortable hoodies!!
50% Cotton
50% Polyester


Thanks much