Back( Lats) / Tris & Bi Training Tips December 2016

Here are some training tips to help you get the most out of those grueling workout sessions.
Don't set yourself up for lack of progression, do things the right way in order to bring out the best gains, best detail of muscle etc.

The smallest change in a training method could make a world of difference.

Leave your Ego at the door!!

Cable Rows Pulldowns: Kim Gipson & Charlotte Quillen working!
Low Pulley Isolated Bicep Curls:
 Rope Pushdowns Modified

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Training tips to come Monthly!!


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Revisited: " The Importance of Being Objective " By Charlotte Quillen

The Importance of Being Objective
                It’s something we learn to do early in life, a defense mechanism if you will; make excuses so that we feel better about ourselves, even though deep down we know what we have done is wrong. This can be as simple as rationalizing the lie you told your mom when you were seven because you didn’t want to get in trouble, or cheating on that exam in college because your professor was a douche bag who liked to put questions on the test that weren’t on the study guide. While no one likes to get in trouble, and maybe your opinion of your professor was accurate; lying and cheating are wrong.
Some people go through their lives rationalizing their mistakes and literally lying to themselves so often that they no longer have the ability to look at themselves objectively; they believe their own lie. What do I mean by this? Well, how many people do you know that are overweight, yet will point out the obesity in others, like they just can’t believe how someone could do that to their body? Or someone who just can’t understand why they aren’t reaching their fitness goals, yet you saw them check in at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday and two days before that they went out drinking and then last week they were at the Ice cream shop? I cannot count the number of examples I have just like the two I just listed. The reality is, if you point this out you are greeted with a barrage of accusations and denials, but never with that person having taken a step back and then taking a good, long, honest looked at his or her self before reacting defensively.
See, I can talk about this because I used to be that person. I have made more mistakes than I care to admit, and I used to be the one who tried her damndest to put the blame on other people, never taking responsibility for my action, nor doing a damn thing to change them. But then my life hit rock bottom so to speak, and instead of rolling over and letting it crush me, I decided to change. I decided to take that look at myself that I had been avoiding for so long, and ever since that moment I choose to be honest with myself.
No matter what you goal is you have to be able to look at yourself objectively. You must be able to put your emotions aside, and say “what do I need to work on? “, “What am I doing wrong? “, “What can I do to change it?” Every single day you must hold yourself accountable, because no one else is going to. You have to realize, you can’t give 50%, 75% or even 90% and expect to get consistent results, see consistent progress, or reach your long term goals. It just won’t happen. You have to go in with 100% commitment, and be able to take a step back when you’re ready to blame your trainer for your lack of results and say “Am I REALLY following this 100%?” and be HONEST. 100% means you do not deviate from your meal plan at all, you push yourself in the gym (this does not mean barely breaking a sweat, using the same weights for the past 6 weeks, or missing a workout), giving 100% in cardio (this mean it should be challenging, you should sweat your ass off or you aren’t going hard enough).  If you aren’t seeing results, I guarantee your answer is right there.
At www.fitnesspoynters.com, we give you the TOOLS you need to reach your goals. We can’t transfer our motivation and dedication to you, we can’t hold your hand and be with you every second of the day to make sure you stay on track, and we can’t take responsibility for you not being successful. What we can do is support you and offer advice. We show you the path you need to take, but it’s up to you and you alone to follow it. You have to take responsibility for your own mistakes, only then can you truly appreciate your success.
Tips for remaining objective:
1. Keep detailed logs, both for your workouts and meals. Write down EVERY single thing you put in your mouth, don’t omit something your embarrassed of. For your workouts, write down the weights you used, and your rest times. If your weights are always the same, and your rest times are longer than they should be, your results will suffer. Cardio logs are important too, write down the speed, miles, and time. Make note of your exertion levels.
2. Take responsibility for you actions! If you eat something you shouldn’t have, own up to it!
3. Stop making excuses! If you say or think something along these lines, “Well, I missed my workout today BUT it wasn’t my fault because…” just stop right there because that’s an excuse.
4.  Give yourself more credit. You made the choice to start this lifestyle change, and that’s something many people don’t have the courage to do.
5. Set realistic, challenging goals. Set a goal date, and a reward. And DO NOT BACK OUT for any reason. So, you had to travel for work unexpectedly, you moved, your sister had a birthday party… refer to #3.
6. Take control of your own life. Maybe your family, friends, spouse don’t support your lifestyle change. When this happens, this is a prime example of people who are unable to look at their self objectively. They can’t support your healthy changes because then they will start to feel bad about their unhealthy choices.

Whatever is on your plate got there because YOU said yes to it.
The struggle is 90% mental. You can do it, even if your mind is telling you that you can’t.
Motivation and dedication is a choice. You either want it or you don’t.
If it’s important to you, you will find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.
Love yourself! Know you can do absolutely anything if you want it bad enough.

Written by:
Charlotte Quillen: Fitnesspoynters.com


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Getting active can do many may things for you .
* Increased Energy & Stamina
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So many positive things can come from changing things through Fitness, that it's quite amazing.

Take the chance, it's not easy, it never will be but changing a few things you do in life can put you on a better track to all those things I listed above, once you start to see progression, it becomes an addiction and before you know it, all those things that weren't easy, they are now simple and you will wonder why you never did this long ago.

How we do it!!!
Legit as legit gets, no scams , no bs. I give it to you straight and will help you in any way I can , if in fact you are ready to help yourself, that's the 1st step to success.

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    There's a few reasons to begin your journey and above that are examples of what you can accomplish.
    Kim Gipson lost over 100 lbs in a little over a year.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Steve Poynter

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Taking Training to a New Level with Machine Supplements: Find out Why we Invested!

Good Evening, Morning or Afternoon,

We hope everyone is doing really well and if you are in the US, we hope that you are gearing up nicely for the upcoming Winter months.

I have recently invested in a supplement line and would like to spread the word to you guys and let you know how great these products are.

Sure I can sit here and spill you bs or lie to you but if you know me, that's not how I do things.
I'm legit with all things I do which leads me to tell you why I decided to jump on with Machine Supplements. Over the past few weeks I have done some "beta testing" of 2 products.
 * Machine Incinerator: Thermogenic Fat Burner

 * Muscle Machine: Pre/Intra workout Formula loaded to the max with beneficial ingredients.
     *So many great things are packed into these 2 products, continue reading to find out more!

Why Did I decide to invest:

 * I was at the Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding show here in Kentucky and Healthworks Nutrition Kentucky was handing out samples, I took a pretty good amount of Incinerator and begin testing it out on the following Monday.
* I popped 1 Incinerator before my fasted cardio, within 20 mins I felt the effects , I was sweating more than normal and felt a huge increase in energy.
 * It seemed as though I continued to gain some energy as the next hour went by.
      I never did have a crash or jitters from the single tab( note/ the serving size is 2 tabs due to all the beneficial products inside the tabs)

The days I did fasted cardio, I continued to use and each day came out to be the same with the energy and the way it heated my body causing me to sweat more than normal.

* The past few days I have been using Incinerator with Muscle Machine which is a Pre or Intra workout product , packed to the max with beneficial ingredients.
* This product has so much in it that you can actually omit having to buy multiple supplements per month.
The List includes:

  • Testosterone Booster, Libido Enhancer:( Safe for Females as well)
  • Stimulants to fuel those workouts but to also assist in Fat Burning. 
  • Amino Acids: Taurine, l-leucine, l-Citruline Malate, L-Arganine, Beta Alanine, L-Valine
    L-Isoleucine ( All of which could be a replacement or your BCAA or EAA's)
  • Muscle Pump Formula: Special Formulation for this Product.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: Great for strength & size..

    Just with the listed above, that makes this a 4 in 1 product.
   Once I had both products, I decided to use a full scoop of Muscle Machine and 2 Incinerator tabs, I will say it wasn't a stupid idea because I had a ridiculous good training session, lots of energy, sick pumps, more energy so more weight was pushed,  my sets were stronger etc.
The only downside to this was , I was still up at midnight and pretty well hyped up.

So , the following day, I decided to use it as an Intra workout( Muscle Machine) 

I mixed 3/4 scoop in a shaker bottle and Took 1 Incinerator 15 mins before I got to the gym.

* I must note that I contemplated not going to the gym on this day, I was tired, and worn out from working and running around taking care of errands all morning.

Once I got to the gym, I had some good energy starting to kick in. The more I sipped the Muscle Machine during training, the more energy I seemed to pickup.
By the time I was half way through my training, my energy levels were through the roof, so much so that I decided to throw in Squats which were a scheduled part of this leg day.

After training was over, I still had a lot of energy, I still felt great, I never had any crash from either product.

Each day when I stacked the 2, I probably lost 2 lbs of sweat in the gym which is an awesome part of the stack, being able to heat your body up  to cause me to sweat like that and being able to push out extra sets or reps and never crash makes me look forward to seeing what kind of progression I can get from the stack.

After the 2nd training day of using both products, I plan on using Muscle Machine as Intra workout and only 3/4 of the full scoop plus 1/2 the serving size of Incinerator.

So that's a little rundown on why I decided to jump on board with these products .
I'll be listing the ingredients and serving size below.

I will have the products prices lower than the original retail price, this pricing is good for the month of November..

So if you're ready to save some money in the long run and get a product that does exactly what it claims to do.
I invite you to jump on board and up you  potential of progression.

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Kim Gipson 2 Weeks Out: Leg Training: Over 100lbs Lost: 110% Motivation For Anyone!

Need motivation?
This should do it, no matter who you are, where you are and what your goals are.
If there is a Will, there is a Way......
Believe that.

Kim has told her story of how and when she decided to alter her life with Fitness.
You can search my youtube channel and find that amazing story but for the time being, I just wanted to say that we all have it in us to do better.
Altering the smallest things would get you well on your way to a Healthier life.
Before you now it, inches are coming off, you feel better, you have more energy, more stamina and those compliments start coming in.
All great things to motivate you more to go even harder.

Find it in you and make this , not a wish but a Reality!

Today, we show you Kim as she's 2 weeks out from competing.
 * The actual time I post this, she is 2 days out from Pre Judging!

Thanks for viewing, have a great day...

Steve Poynter


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Kim Gipson Training( Over 100 lbs Lost) Journey to the Stage

Here are some clips as we prepare Kim Gipson for the stage as she will compete in Womens Physique.
This comes after her amazing transformation where she has already lost 100 lbs+

Stay tuned( subscribe to youtube) as we will be posting weekly vids from here out as well as videos from before, during and after the show.

Here are some posing clips as I am posting training videos weekly or bi weekly from my personal youtube channel. This 1st video is myself, Kim going through back training.

 I am going through some posing to gauge progression!

Join our amazing team at http://www.fitnesspoynters.com Where we can help you get into the best condition possible and it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a competitor, we can and will work with anyone who is willing to put in the work to make change happen.

Steve Poynter CEO: Fitnesspoynters.com
        " Changing lives since 09"

Payment Options for Monthly Fees: Current Members

 FitnessPoynters Current Team Members: Monthly Payment Options

This is for current members who have signed up within the past month: July & August.
This is the time we started doing monthly fees instead of a payment up front!
Please ignore this if you aren't on the new protocol for payments..

Payment Options


New Training Videos: 8 Weeks to Shredded & Kim Gipsons Journey to the Stage!

As we continue the movement toward our goals, we have new training videos up with more on the way.

If you missed Kim's amazing story of where she was and where she is now, here it is again to get things started.
Below that is her Leg Training day.

3rd on the platter is a delt training day where you can possibly pickup some tips for delt work.

Video 1: Kim talks about how she has lost over 100 lbs.


My Self Motivation Journey: 8 Weeks to Shredded: Episode 1 & 2

There are times when it's hard to find the motivation to stay driven, determined & disciplined. I fell into this rut early this year after doing a bulk over the winter, I ended up hating going to the gym, I couldn't find it in me to eat as clean as I needed in order to get lean gain.

So with having those troubles, I had to find something that would motivate me to put in all the work required to get my body back to the level I have always lived at, that level being very lean, walking around daily with a low bodyfat percentage.

The only thing I could think of that would Drive me to this level again would be to do this video series, documenting 8 weeks of work , I am now almost 3 weeks in and everything is going really really well, the Drive, Discipline & Determination have all returned. Follow my journey over the remaining 5 weeks and lets see where I can end up at the end.
New videos coming the weekend over August 6, 2016. Episode 1 Episode 2

New Racerback Tanks now Available!!

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Black Bella Racerback Tanks : Pink & White logo

                                                         50% Polyester/ 25% Rayon / 25% Cotton



Fitness Tips to Help Improve your Health.

Here's another weightloss/ better health tip.
Instead of thinking you can lose weight by eating 1-2 times a day, try eating 4-6 times a day. Eating 1-2 times a day will cause your body to store more fats as its an internal protection method. Those foods you take in 1-2 times a day will get stored in fat cells causing you to gain more weight, this is a huge problem with people who are overweight, they only eat 1-2 times a day.
If you get active and you are eating 1-2 times a day, sure you will lose weight but you will lose muscle also as your body can still hold that fat.

The biggest issue here is people do this often and they "YOYO diet, therefore leading to chances of really destroying the thyroid.

Eating 4-5 times a day spikes your metabolism , a spiked metabolism will lead to your body burning fat even when your Heart rate isn't elevated.
So , try getting up 15 mins early each day and getting in some kind of work to raise that Heart rate and then try the 4-6 meal a day approach of healthier food options and watch what happens in the next couple weeks.
‪#‎fitnespoynters‬ ‪#‎fittip‬


Fitness Tips: Things to help you Improve your help..

Morning, Afternoon or Evening,

I will be posting a few Fitness tips over over the next few days or maybe even weeks all depending on the feedback we get and if this is helping anyone out.

Here's a little something to think on today if you are someone who is considering trying to better your Health.
*Wake up 15 mins early every morning, do some kind of cardio, it can be anything that will increase your Heart rate.
* A key while doing this is to not drink sugar and fat loaded things, simply have some water or if you know about supplements, a good tasting bcaa will be something of quality, if not the bcaa, then have some MIO or similar.

That's a simple fact that will help you be on your way to better health and this will also make you feel better for the rest of the day.
Sure the 15 mins of sleep you sacrificed will suck the 1st 4-5 days but after that , your body will adapt and it will be no problem. ‪#‎fitnesspoynters‬ fact of the day.

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Steve Poynter


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Good Afternoon, Good Morning or Good Evening ...

We hope you are all doing well, you are having a really good weekend so far and you have a Safe & Happy 4th of July.

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Diabetics , High Cholesterol, High BP, whatever the case may be, if it's reversible, we can assist and in many cases, get you off those meds.

We are adding new training videos each week and sometimes more than once per week to our youtube channel, this gives you a little insight to our current training but it also helps you understand how to perform some movements so that you are sure to get the most out of it.

This is our latest vid, beginning soon, we'll have more instruction in the vid as to why you should do this or that.
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Thanks again, everyone have a great remainder of the weekend.

Steve Poynter: CEO: Fitnesspoynters.com


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March Madness is here so to celebrate the 1st weekend of tournament, we are offering up 25% off on all fitness programs.

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You're worth it, take the time and see if you have it in you to make some awesome changes.
The rewards outweigh the sacrifices.

How do you get started:
Simply follow this link:

Once you are there, you will see the different options we have, they are all well detailed and if you can't find your answers, you can view our FAQ section where I tried to list the most popular questions.
Then if you still need help or want advice, simply email me through the site.
You can also contact me on facebook on the fitnesspoynters page or on my personal page ( Steve Poynter) .

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Arnold Weekend is Here again.

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Training Tips: Target the Glutes & Hams with these Workouts!

Here are some training tips to help target those glutes and hamstrings.
Subscribe to our youtube channel for up and coming training tips , plus also see our wide list of different tips currently up.


Valentine Day Deals: 35% Off

Today through the 16th, in honor of Valentines Day.
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Steve Poynter


Fitnesspoyners Long Sleeve T's Discounted Plus New Embrace & Grind T's

We are running a special on our remaining long sleeve t's.
These t's are light and great to wear into the gym to warm up or to just simply walk around in at home on a cool day.
These are super soft long sleeve t's.

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We recently came out with an Embrace & Grind T.
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Embrace & Grind.

Embrace the task at hand & Grind until you hit a goal or accomplish that task.

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