Suck up tha Suck T's plus discounted older 2017 Triblend Ts

New :
Suck up tha Suck Military Green T's, Unisex.

I told someone this saying one day and it sort of stuck so I decided to get it put on shirts.
It's true for all of us who have to go hard to reach goals and once the suck sets in of eating and or cardio, then we must suck up that suck and move on , keep the grind going in order to reach those goals.

On the front is a small FP logo in the upper left hand chest area.
Sizes Small -XL Available.

$13.00 and Free Shipping.


Also Available at a Discount:
Color: White/ Concrete
Triblend: Very soft and light weight
$12.00 : Free Shipping :

Triblend: Unisex: