Independence Day Specials: 6 Days of Speicals: Now Available.

In Honor of Independence Day , July 4th  2014. We will be running some great specials that are going to last for 6 days. Beginning on July 1st and running all the way through the 6th at 10pm est on Monday...
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This is your chance to take advantage of these low rates and get into the best condition of your life using our proven programs. Find your commitment, your drive and determination and let us take care of the rest.
We give you all the tools you need to be successful, all you do is implement them into your daily routine.
Find it in you to stay strong for at least 14 days and watch results start happening and once they start, they become addictive. Believe me.

The proof of what is possible is on my site at www.fitnesspoynters.com  . Tons of pics, testimonials, gallery shots of competitors, transformations etc.

Anyone will attest to you of how legit and honest we are, many of those we train become great friends, no matter where on earth they or you may be, we are here to help.

You have one life, make the most of it, get healthy for your children, your grandchildren or just simply for you, we all know a longer life would be something we all wanted if we had some magic potion to give us more years. Well this is me telling you, all of us can live healthier and happier through Fitness.
So take advantage, lets do this, lets give you a better life at a low price to pay.

You will end up thankful you did so.

Regardless, everyone have a safe and Happy 4th of July week and weekend. Stay safe, make wise choices.

Have an amazing week. You deserve it..
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Steve Poynter

Online trainer/ Coach.


Tuesday Motivation: Steve Poynter & Charlotte Quillen Workout

Morning or Evening everyone.
I hope everyone is doing great.

I just wanted to share some training clips from us that we have put together the past couple of weeks.

Char has her own youtube page which is :

I have one at

And we have the Fitnesspoynters.com account for training tips etc at:

Thanks for watching.
Enjoy your day, enjoy your week..

Stay focused, Stay driven.
Force changes to happen.


The Amazing Protein Omelette aka Burrito aka Wrap.. Regardless, it tastes incredible. The video is here.

As I accidentally came up with this, it's one of the best things I have had to date and is almost addictive.

Your Friends Steve & Charlotte from Fitnesspoynters.com


Fathers Day Specials: Currently Running through Monday June 16th.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing really good and your Spring has been amazing to say the least and you are preparing for a nice Summer.
I know we are,  as we are getting ready to go to Panama City the 1st week of July.

So with Fathers Day approaching, we're gonna offer some specials on the following programs from Fitnesspoynters.com  . Our online training/ coaching site where we have helped hundreds and hundreds change their lives through Fitness.

We have one of the highest success rates and testimonials on site to prove what we can do and all of these people you see will attest to the fact of how we helped them in life.

We all deserve to live a long and healthy life, so you never know what can happen if you are willing to take a chance and just change up your eating habits and try to get a little more active.
This would be a great gift to someone as it could be the Ultimate Gift,  Increasing someones length of Life.

Thank you all.

Your Friends: Steve Poynter & Charlotte Quillen