Thursdays Behemoth Back Day

As many of you know, I am behind on our training days. So here goes our training for back day which was this past Thursday.
Note: We did a low weight, high rep workout this week to give our body a break from heavy lifts.

We started off with sets of wide grip pullups, we kept our reps from 8-12 here.

Next we moved on to deadlifts off a 2" platform and used purple resistance bands which come to 100 lbs at the top of the move. Our rep range here was 8-12

Move 3 was a one arm t-bar row, we started doing these about 4 weeks back. I'll get a vid to show you what we do here, this is a great back move. Reps 8-10

Close grip pulldowns were next and we hit 10-15 reps here.

The back day was finished off with straight arm pulldowns, one of the best moves I have found for shaping up the entire back.

Stay tuned to continue to see how we do things with training.

Steve Poynter:


Served up Legs on Tuesday

I am a little behind here, I have been busy with lots of things to do with http://www.fitnesspoynters.com.
I'll tell you now how and what we did on Leg Day this week.

We started out with a little pre-exhaust type workout .
Move 1 was multiple sets of Leg Extensions*20 reps followed up by seated leg curls for high reps.

Move 2 was Squats:
Today we did box squats using 220 lbs of chains.
We did most of our sets with high reps, such as 10-12, there was one set we hit only 5 reps , this was after piling on plates without really knowing what the bands weighed.

Move 3 was sets of 22" step ups while holding the arch bar.
We hit reps of 5-8

We hit a few sets of vertical leg press with 10-12 reps and very little rest time between.

Next were dbell stiff leg deadlifts * 15 reps each.

We finished off hams with good mornings with the cambered bar.

3 days later and the hams are still fried from this.

I'll let you know about Thursdays workout on Saturday.

Thanks ,
Steve Poynter
Poynter's Iron Pit Gym
Fitnesspoynters.com "Your Transformation Destination".


Monday's Chest Day

Today we blasted out some chest. We had 4 of us going in a rotation.
Myself, Charlotte Quillen, Jesse Westburgh and Jim Davis.

As I stated yesterday, I did some higher rep moves rather than focus on heavy moves like I normally do.
I did this to give the body a rest, you all should do this from time to time, by doing so it will allow the body to recover a little more and you should be able to push heavier weight the next week.

Move 1:
Flat Bench press with Red Mini Bands and eventually we added monster minis to bring the total of band tension at the top to 220 lbs. (Note: Quillen did the mini bands plus 10's for her sets.

Move 2:
Incline dumbbell Press: Went for 10-15 reps here and for the last set, turned the dbells where palms were facing in , got this off powerlifter Corey Hayes. I will say I felt it really good in the upper pec area.

Move 3:
Hammer Strength Chest Press: We used the mini bands here and added 1 plate. Doing reps of 12-15 here, focusing on the contraction on each.

Move 4:
Incline dbell Fly: Really going deep at the bottom and contracting hard at the top. Sets of 15-20 reps

I finished off my day with some monster mini band crunches and oblique crunches.

Overall it was a sick day of training, I am still completely spent from it.

I hope everyone has had or you are about to have a sick day vs the Iron.

Thanks for checking this blog out.



New Methods of Training

Greetings Everyone. 

I hope everyone is doing great. I just wanted to share some plans on a different training method I am about to embark on.
So lets get to it.

Basically what I am going to do is incorporate some powerlifting type moves into my bodybuilding style of workout and see where this can take me. I really want to add more mass, stay kind of lean right now and get stronger as I roll along.

We have added several things inside Poynter's Iron Pit gym that should take our training to a higher level.
We have things such as resistance bands, from 25 lbs to 150 lb bands, we have up to 220 lbs in chains.
We have swiss bars, cambered bars and soon we should have a safety squat bar.
I think by incorporating these different things into our workouts, we can shock our bodies in many ways and bring those lean and strength gains I am looking for.

So, tomorrow I will talk about our 1st workout and tell you about how things went with the new workout.
If anyone wants to know how to use chains and resistance bands in their training, feel free to hit me up and I will help you out.
I can even make some vids showing you how to set up your bands for squats and bench.

Everyone have a sick week of workouts.

Steve Poynter