Get Up &Get You Some !

Monday is back again, the dreaded beginning of the work week, which is the longest day of the week for many people.

Well everyone goes through it, everyone has to overcome and everyone prevails and makes it home that day.

So with that said, the same thing goes for fitness , every aspect of the matter. From training to eating clean to getting all your water in during the day.

You should treat it as a job, you should find a focus and drive and carry that with you , day in and day out. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you read this, then there is a reason, the reason being that you are interested in fitness and are looking to better your body in some way .

What is holding you back? If anything?
Why can't you take things one day at a time and focus on what the reasoning behind you wanting to change your body is.

There is absolutely no excuse that someone can't make the changes they desire happen. You may have to fight temptation after temptation, you may have to deal with negative people etc. But this is something you do if you put your mind to it.
Don't fall victim to being a failure or a quitter, nobody wants that label.

Get up, get your ass in gear and get the job done with turning your life around with fitness.
You will love how you feel and how you end up looking.
If you are in terrible shape, you can add years to your life. You are worth it, aren't you?

Training your training regime and treat it like it's your job. You get up and you do it, even if you don't want to.
Take that same concept and put it into changing your life.......

Get up off your ass, get in the gym, get some!!!!

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Thank you for reading.
Steve Poynter


Why Training Splits are Crucial for Progression!

Why Training Every Body Part is Important

As each one of us has our own personal goals, we set out each day to hit the gym and train at a high level to get that body we all desire.
While we are in there grinding out our sets and resting in between, we sometimes look around to see what others are doing. For the most part you see some doing partial reps, some using jacked up form and some training the same body parts day after day.
With that being said, we are going to focus on the latter today, which is "training the same body part day after day".
One should never go in the gym and train the same part day after day. Why is this?
Well there is a symptom called over training, this occurs when you do not give a body part the rest time required for it to be able to recover and change for you.
In my opinion and from studies I have read, it takes any muscle at least 4 days to recover after you tear it down with weight training.
For Example: If you train legs on Monday and go hard with it, they should not be trained again until at least Friday.
By taking the time to allow that body part to rest, it will have the time to repair itself and change in time.
If you keep the part torn down day after day, how can it repair?
It can't repair, it'll always be torn down and therefore never change for you. This is called over training and it'll get you no where fast.

Anyone that weight trains should train every body part they have. Training this way has many advantages.
Some advantages of hitting every body part are as follows.  You get stronger throughout the body.
You can gain lean mass all over, which in turn will help you burn more fat. The more lean mass you carry, the more fat your body will burn, even during your resting times while doing as little as sleeping.
If you have that lean mass , the body naturally burns more fat and calories.

Those are a few reasons to consider full body training throughout the week.
Allow your body to rest and change for you. You put in the work so do things right so you get the most out of that work you have put in.
Below are example training splits you could use to get optimal results out of your training.
5 Day Training Split:
Day 1: Back
Day 2: Chest
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Delts
Day 5: Bis and Tris

4 Day Training Split:
Day 1: Back and Bis
Day 2: Chest and Tris
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Delts
3 Day Training Split:
Day 1: Delts / Bis and Tris
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Chest and Back
If you are one who has had a "spot" training split or one where you train the same part day after day, take a few weeks , change things up and watch how your body responds.
I think you will be happy you did so. 


Recent Transformations!

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to drop in in and hopefully bring some motivation to you guys and show you what it's all about if you put in 100% focus and have that unbreakable drive to get things done with fitness and your quest to a new "you".

I am very proud of these recent transformations of these individuals I have worked with.
It's very rare you find someone to put in this type of effort and always stay on course.
Did you know the success rate is about 1 out of 10 who actually complete a plan and make the life altering changes to their body?

In all honesty, there is not one excuse out there that one can not make the changes they desire, the thing that holds most back is just the lack of self discipline. They lack the will power to take things a day at a time, they allow others to influence how they eat , what they do with their time etc.

If you set out to do this, do it and do it 100%, do not let someone bring you down, do not bring yourself down. There are tons of support groups out there to keep you motivated. Find it in yourself to make that life altering transformation, you will feel better in more ways than one.

Check the following transformations out and get motivated to get off your a$$ and do something positive with your body.


Legit Protein Bars

Hello Guys.

You all know how I feel about protein bars and the hidden sugars and fats they carry and I always tell you to stay off of them.

Well we have done some research and we have found a bar that can be eaten in place of protein shakes and this bar has no hidden ingredients.

We believe in this bar and have tried it out ourselves on several occasions, we have experienced no bloating , no fat gains , no terrible gas etc.

When you look at the bars, try to go for the ones lowest in sugar alcohol, do not be concerned with the carb content because most of the carbs are in the form of fiber, which is a good thing.

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Steve Poynter

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Team Poynter Strikes Oxygen Magazine

We want to send a big shout out to our Team Member Cassandra Peterson who has been with the fitnesspoynters family for a very long time now, definitely over 1 year.

During this time she has proved how dedicated she is to fitness and she has shown the world the passion she has for the sport.

I am writing this to share her most recent accomplishment in which she is calling "A Dream Come True" and this is something anyone can relate to.
We all strive to make dreams come true. She has done just that as she has been placed in Oxygen Abs Magazine, this recently came out and is on news stands now. Please show your support, pick up the magazine and post it on your social media sites.

Congrats Cassandra , continue to pursue big dreams.