Gear Up & Get Some!!

Take a minute tonight before you go to bed. Get in your mind what you would like to accomplish this week.
You should wake up in the morning, no matter how hard it is to get it, get your ass up, get in gear, prep your 1st meal. Prep your other meals if you work.
If you train early in the mornings, gear up for that workout, get on youtube, search for "motivational bodybuilding" watch that while you are getting ready, hell if you can't see it, put in some motivational, blood pumping music.

So right now, you are thinking you have this right?
Since you have it now, hold this shit, do not let it go, keep it in your mind.
If you think of cheating on a meal, imagine me in your ear, every time you get this though, I am there saying what a loser you are, how you have no discipline and how you have no right of even saying you deserve this or that.
If you are in the gym and considering taking it easy, I'll be there saying how weak you are, how you are worse than a little kid. And in order to get the results you desire, you have to manthafuck up and take charge, push out one more rep, go a little heavier, whatever the case may be, just do tha damn thang.

For those of you who have this strong drive and discipline level, sit here and think of the new level you want to reach this coming week, these that are thinking this are in terms, freaks of nature, we are the ones that will not let anything stand in our way. We get in the gym and tear shit up, no matter what we have to go through to get it done. It doesn't matter if you are overseas, if you work 14 hours a day, who cares? There is a gym open somewhere, so hit it, get yours in and feel like a king while doing it.

So , read this, get motivated, get some good sleep tonight, and destroy everything that gets in your way this week..

Yep Yep. This is how we roll!!


ASK QUESTIONS : Food & Training!

I want to show my appreciation to all those striving to change their lives with fitness, rather you are trying to drop a lot of body-fat or you are a male or female looking to do a show of any kind.
I want to let you guys know you can ask many any question you like this week. I don't care what it is, I will do my best to answer.

Thank you all and thanks for your continued support!!!!!!