ASK QUESTIONS : Food & Training!

I want to show my appreciation to all those striving to change their lives with fitness, rather you are trying to drop a lot of body-fat or you are a male or female looking to do a show of any kind.
I want to let you guys know you can ask many any question you like this week. I don't care what it is, I will do my best to answer.

Thank you all and thanks for your continued support!!!!!!


  1. The first meal I bought I was 167# and about 27% BF and I loved it. I was always completely satisfied after every meal and had great energy. I stuck to it easily.

    However, crap has happened since last July and my bad eating habits and minimal gym time have seeped back into my life. For four months I was on steroids to help fight a virus. But I have been off them since December. I did gain mega weight during that time...my gut went from 30in to 38in. Now, then I haven't helped myself out much and have continued my poor habits.

    I keep going back to my original food plan. But it has been horrible. I am struggling...never satisfied, no energy, etc...

    Here's my question: I'm now 190# and BF probably in the 30s...should I get a fresh new meal plan or tweek the one I have?

  2. Morning,
    Send me the meal plan you have now.

    What is the struggle with? Eating the foods suggested, finding motivation or ?

    Once you start training hard, eating right etc, you will start to gain a lot of energy and you should hold that energy throughout the day.

    The virus probably drained you to the max and the steroid med probably caused major weight gain which could have been some water weigh that you should shed as soon as you start eating clean and busting ass in the gym.

    So get with me with anything you need.

  3. Okay, there's been postings on Facebook about drinking Xtend throughout the day. What are your thoughts on that? I started using 5-6 scoops AmiNO Energy right when I wake up before I workout. If I drink throughout Xtend could I have amino overload at some point??

    Since we are on the topic of supps, here are the supps I have:
    ON Whey
    NitroCore 24
    ON CLAs
    On fitness fiber
    Fish Oil pills
    ON Opti-Women Vitamins
    AmiNO Energy

    If I take the CLAs with each meal when should I take the fish oil? The vitamin? The fiber?

  4. There is no need for 6 scoops of Amino, 2 scoops will do you good.
    You can drink you extend during workout: 2 scoops, it will not harm you , amino's are good all day long.
    Sip your extend during the workout and finish it up once you are finished.

    Take all your vitamins in the middle of meal 1, if it is a whole food meal.