Congrats to all our Competitors

I want to take a moment to give a huge shout out to all of our Team Poynter members who have decided to compete this year.
Everyone that we have trained for figure or mens bodybuilding has shown great progress and brought home some really nice "hardware" from their shows.
We have had nobody place lower than the top 5 at their show.

I find it amazing that some of the competitors we work with had no intentions as of one year ago to compete, some of them were still very over weight.
Most of the girls took only 13-14 weeks to show prep and each one of the girls put in some the most insane work you can imagine to get their bodyfat down to really low levels that were highly worthy of competing at the top levels of women's Figure.

Anyone that is heavily into fitness and loves the lifestyle and what comes with it.
You should take the time to get your body into show condition, it's fun, motivating, inspirational and many more things.
I will say it is a very hard task but if you are in the game of fitness and training, take yourself to a new level and see what you are really made of.
There is truly no telling how far you can go if you have the desire.

With that being said, I have to put this out there.
This weekend at Nationals in Atlanta Georgia, which is the highest rated NPC show outside of the pro shows.
At this show, many competitors get their pro card and are now eligible to train at the highest level possible in the IFBB.
Us at fitnesspoynters.com did up a meal plan for a lady named Audrey Presson who is a physique competitor and she brought home her pro card this weekend . Huge congrats to her and this team of competitors we have.

Below you will see some pics of our competitors.

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