Leading this Team to Hardware at Shows!

Once again we improve our track record of helping team members bring home hardware from bodybuilding shows.
This weekend, on the date of March 16,2013 . Jesse Westburgh entered the 2013 Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships . This is one of the hugest shows in Kentucky and has been for many years. There have been multiple pros who got started on that stage and there have been a couple who have qualified for Nationals by competing in this show.

With that said, we congratulate Jesse with a huge win in the Lightweight Novice class and a very close decision in the "Overalls" in novice.
We congratulate him on getting a 3rd place finish in the Welterweight division, another division that could have went 3 ways.
I thought all the top 4 guys looked spot on , very hard, cut , dry, perfect tans and fabulous posing.

I just wanted to share the info on how we can help someone show prep and be successful at it.
In 2012 we lead several in figure, bikini and physique to very high placings in shows, including one physique member turning pro.
We have helped multiple members get on stage for the 1st time and place very high. I'm not sure of any competitors we have trained that stayed dedicated and driven that didn't get a top 5 finish in multiple categories.

So if you are ready to hit the stage, hit us up at http://www.fitnesspoynters.com I have reasonable prices, offer payment planning and I'm always here to answer questions and even give you posing tips by watching you pose via skype.

Thanks once again, everyone have a fabulous week .
Stay on point, stay driven and determined , take things day by day, hour by hour, meal by meal and workout by workout and before you know it, you have completely transformed your body.

Steve Poynter

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