Consistency, Drive and Determination : The ingredience to Success!

First off I hope everyone is doing really well and all of you in the states are ready for the summer time to light us up.......

I wrote a little something on Facebook today and I just wanted to share it with more people and give you all something to think about when it comes to who you may blame for something that isn't going the way you want it to.

Sometimes I wonder why some people get mad and act like its someone else's fault they don't see results. It's easy to see who is consistent and who isn't. I know everyone is different and things may take longer etc but I give an alter whatever I see needed for them to progress .

If we didn't have all these transformations and only had a couple, I'd take the blame all day long but when u work w people all over the world from all walks of life , all different living situations , some without luxuries we have available to us. 

With that said, I know all things are possible w fitness, it's the individual who has to put in the work, the time and be committed and determined to get things accomplished. If you can't do that with us, how can anyone help you. Helping yourself had to happen before anything else ever will.

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