45% off Runs Through Monday: Life Altering Programs

Pushing the deal into Monday for ‪#‎cybermonday‬
45% off all programs. Use Promo Code MyHealth at checkout!

* Programs tailored to you and your goals. From someone who has never worked out or been in a gym to high level competitors*
* I tell you what to eat, when to eat and how much, everything is broken down to oz and grams.. You don't have to guess about anything, all you do is prep and eat the tailored meal plan.
* Workouts: You get the workout, which comes with your weight training, cardio, ab routine , instructional pics/ videos if you aren't aware of how to do things.
* Unlimited support: No limit to emails, access to private youtube how to videos, access to private support groups here on fb.
* Updates are mandatory so I can make changes to your program, all based on how you are changing and what your goals are.
** We may alter your meals every 13-15 days, just whatever it takes to get you to those goals.
* Programs can be ran from 8 weeks til whenever you decide to stop updating me.
If you are a hard worker and show me changes, you only pay a one time fee and get all this unlimited support and those unlimited changes to your meals.

* What else can you ask for besides to have your food cooked for you, well we can do that as well if you are around Kentucky.
Want to change, no better time than now since the new year is approaching.
You can start this now or in January or 1 year from now, once you pay, you get a questionnaire, as long as it's sent back within a years time, I will always honor it and set you up to begin 3-5 days later. 

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