March Madness brings Mad Deals: 25% off All Programs!!

March Madness is here so to celebrate the 1st weekend of tournament, we are offering up 25% off on all fitness programs.

It's the perfect time to get that body ready for your vacation, walk around on the beach or wherever you may be and take the joys of letting other people look at you and wish they had the discipline you had to look the way you do.

You're worth it, take the time and see if you have it in you to make some awesome changes.
The rewards outweigh the sacrifices.

How do you get started:
Simply follow this link:

Once you are there, you will see the different options we have, they are all well detailed and if you can't find your answers, you can view our FAQ section where I tried to list the most popular questions.
Then if you still need help or want advice, simply email me through the site.
You can also contact me on facebook on the fitnesspoynters page or on my personal page ( Steve Poynter) .

Use Promo Code: NCAA for 25% off your program!!!!

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