25% Off For 2 days Only: All Programs on Site!

It's Olympia weekend and we are out in Las Vegas  and wanted to offer up 25% off on all Programs.

25% off with promo code 2Days , its' simple, just go to the site at :::
Find your program, we will customize it just for you once we get your questionnaire returned to us.

The Extreme Fat Destruction
The Psychotic Fat Destruction
The Extreme Fat  Destruction( home edition)
*Each program comes with a personal lifting program to get you to your goals.
 * Each comes with a custom meal plan where we tell you what, when and how much to eat.
 * Updates are due every 13 days and we'll alter your meals up based on progression.
 *Cardio routines vary
 * Ab routines vary.

We are here to help anyone, from a beginner ( never been in the gym) to the most advanced lifters.
We also now do Powerlifter meal plans up to help them cut weight for meets.

Everyone have an amazing weekend.
Steve Poynter
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