Fitnesspoynters.com Interview with Charlotte Quillen

  Fitnesspoynters.com Interview with Charlotte Quillen 
Find out why she decided to lose body fat and how she continues to stay motivated!
Charlotte Quillen: http://www.bodyspace.com/beautifulgrace

What made you decide to make a change in your life that related to health and fitness?

After I had my daughter and didn’t lose the baby weight right away, I knew I needed to take action into my own hands.

What were the reasons behind joining Fitnesspoynters.com?

I was ready to fully dedicate myself to this lifestyle and knew that working with Steve was the best decision seeing as how he had completed an amazing body transformation himself and knew what it was like to be in my shoes.

What were some of the first changes you began to see in your transformation?

I had increased energy almost immediately. I found my stamina increasing as well, and I started dropping bodyfat within the first few weeks!

How long did it take for you to start noticing results?

Between 4-6 weeks I really started noticing a change in my appearance. By the end of 8 weeks I was already fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.


What was the most challenging part of the Transformation?

Making this lifestyle a routine. Being in school made it hard with my schedule changing every 4 months, but thankfully with Steve’s help I was able to stick with the game plan no matter what my schedule looked like.

How long did it take you to reach your current weight after starting the program from fitnesspoynters.com?

I’ve been working with Steve for over a year now, I hit my current weight in May of this year.

How are you maintaining your fit status after completing the program?

I continue to make great progress, though I never went off Steve’s programs. I continue to work with him and always plan to.

How do the changes you have made affect your life today?

I am such a happier and more confident person now! I feel like I’ve finally taken control of all aspects of my life and could not be more thrilled about it!

How would you rate your overall experience with Fitnesspoynters.com?

I rate my overall experience with fitnesspoynters.com as excellent, a 10 of 10!

Weight Loss Tips

Tip 1: Follow the program to a “T”. If you stray, add in your own foods, or switch things up without consulting Steve first you could really be hurting your progress.
Tip 2: Push yourself pass your limits everyday.
Tip 3: I constantly find myself trying to outdo myself from the previous week. This not only helps me get stronger, but also gives me an extra dose of motivation when I’m successful.
Tip 4: Rock out! Take your ipod/mp3 player and load it with your favorite upbeat songs. This helps sets the pace for your workout and will help pump you up!
Tip 5: Don’t give yourself the option of failing.

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