Fitness Poynters Interview with Heather Rawlins!

Fitnesspoynters.com Interviews Heather Rawlins: Read how she changed and stayed motivated!


What made you decide to make a change in your life that related to health and fitness?

I have been athletic my whole life and it kept me in great shape. After school the physical activities stopped and the real world began. I gained weight at a slow pace over the years and before i knew it I was 25 and 171lbs.
I was unhappy with my physical appearance and knew that if I kept gaining at this rate it would one day pose health issues as well.


What were the reasonings behind joining Fitnesspoynters.com?

I was approached by Steve at our local gym one day where he explained his programs to me. His intentions were to create healthier, happier lifestyles for people just like myself through weight training and diet.
I really had no clue what i was doing in the gym, so i immediately knew his guidance would be extremely beneficial to me, and i jumped on board.


What were some of the first changes you began to see in your transformation?

Within the first several weeks I began to notice an increase in my metabolism, and a definite increase in muscle mass.


How long did it take for you to start noticing results?

It was probably about week 6 when i really began to notice a change in the way my clothes fit.
I wasn’t focusing on weight as much as a difference in the way i looked and felt, so when i finally weighed myself and saw that i was building lean muscle, AND losing weight I knew i had found the program for me.


What was the most challenging part of the Transformation?

The diet has always been the most challenging for me. There are always going to be temptations no matter what the circumstance, but maintaining the will power to stick to the plan is key.
I kept myself very dedicated and knew i wanted to make a change for the better, so I organized my meals each week and let there be no excuses for getting off track.


How long did it take you to reach your current weight after starting the program from fitnesspoynters.com?

Approximately 16 weeks


How are you maintaining your fit status after completing the program?

I am currently still on the Extreme Fat Destruction Plan and maintaining my weight well. I continue to set small goals for myself and strive to reach them.


How do the changes you have made affect your life today?

I can honestly say that i am a much more confident overall person. I am no longer embarrassed about my figure or weight, and love sharing my story with others who strive for similar goals. Fitnesspoynters has definitely changed my life!


How would you rate your overall experience with Fitnesspoynters.com?

I am 100% satisfied with the program from start to finish. Steve was there to help me throughout my entire transformation. He was readily available to answer any questions no matter what time or day, and he continues to provide the same guidance to this day.


Weight Loss Tips

Tip 1: Make sure to incorporate the set amount of cardio that you plan calls for. It’s listed there for a reason. Don’t overdo it. Too much can be as bad as none at all.
Tip 2:Prepare and organize your meals at the beginning of the week. This eliminates any excuses. You can’t use the excuse that you didn’t have time when you got home from work or didn’t have anything to fix. Prepare everything on Sunday night and put them into containers for each day. It will be in the fridge so you can just grab and reheat.
Tip 3:Supplements are everything! I use Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock to increase my energy level and reduce appetite. Find something that works for you and stick with it.

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