A must have if you are into Fitness!

In 2009 when I went to the Arnold Classic, I stopped at a booth called 6 pack Bags. I watched the guys display these bags and go step by step how they work and why you should have one if you are into fitness.
These are the most amazing things I have seen related to helping you keep track of your meals in a nice compact way.

These bags will hold 6 nice sized meals, they will carry a couple bottles of water, the have a compartment for your supplements and they have the slots for ice packs to keep your meals cool.

Check out this link and look at the bags. I know a couple people who just got theirs in today and they are amazed with how they work.


I can also help you save 10% on the bags for a limited time. You can simply go to the site, order the bag you prefer and at checkout , enter the promo code PT9286.

Check those out, even if you don't want one, you will be amazed at how convenient they are..

Thanks guys.
"Train Insane or Remain the Same"


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  1. Okay, I happy and sad at the same time. I travel a love for work and had a similar idea, I was going to run with myself. Oh well fast you pass, slow you blow. Anyway...good info I will be getting one of these asap.