Leg Day: Enough Said!

Killed it in the Gym!!! Get you some 

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What a day of training, we completely trashed quads and hams. We put them through 2 hours of pure hell.
I wish we could train with hundreds of people and put them through the kind of hell that true lifters like us on here like to go through.

We smashed quads with about 15 total sets of squats, both barbell and hack squats, finished off with a drop set of hacks which left us feeling lightheaded but at the same time like a true beast who just unleashed straight hell.

After those we strolled outside for some parking lot lunges. The parking lot fresh off 5 days of being black topped so you know the heat was rising off it like an oven on broil. We killed 2 sets of lunges of about 50 yards each, the temperature well over 95 and no telling what on that concrete.

We went back in and killed the hams, starting off with standing leg curls. Put some weight on there that almost pulled the hamstrings off, but who cares, they will grow back or heal up after destruction.
Finished the day off with stiff leg deadlifts with heave dbells and followed it up with high foot placement on the leg press to really finalize the hell on hams..

I must say it was one of the most grueling workouts we have had..
Get in there and get you some. Leave all you  have on that gym floor, after all , you go for results right?

I wanted to share a couple vids with you guys that I made last week.
One is a post workout shake I have made up, it has all your carb and protein needs for after training.
Another I am using to motivate you to push yourself to the max.

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