Overcome: You Have It In You!!

Hey Guys.
I hope all is well. I hope all you Moms have a fantastic Mothers Day. You all deserve it...

Well I posted a little something on Facebook last week and many people said it was motivating to them, so with that said, I wanted to send it out and ask you guys to please share it.
If  it will motivate one person to get up and get their body in better shape, my day will feel accomplished.

No person should be intimidated of another when it comes to a physical look. Everyone got to where they are by starting at some point they didn't like. Everyone has to start at that point and you have to be the one to dig deep to make these changes come your way. You can't sit back and be scared to do this or that because you think someone is intimidating. Just get into a gym, find a focus, don't pay attention to anyone else, work hard day in and day out and eventually you will hit a point where you could care less who is in the gym etc.

I was 130 lbs when I started, most girls had more muscle than me. I remember my 2nd day getting stuck under probably 60 lbs. I just dumped the weight and went on, I didn't give a shit who was watching, who saw me get stuck etc.
I continued day after day to bust my ass and keep on grinding things out.
I didn't crumble, tuck my head and walk out the door, and nobody should do that, nobody should fall victim to being intimidated or ashamed to hit up a gym.
You have one life, make the most out of it.
Get off your ass, make something happen. You'll be happy you did."

Sit back and think about this if you are person that has always felt intimidated.
You live that one life, make the most of it. 

Thank you guys.

Steve Poynter

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