Happy Mothers Day! Sign Up Special until 8pm est

Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous moms out that who work hard each and every day to provide the best life for your family.
We wouldn't be what we are today if we didn't have your loving hand to guide us down the right roads.

I want to offer a special out to anyone looking to change their lives. I think this is a great day to share this.

From 12pm est until 8pm est.
I will offer a deal from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com , the deal is as follows.
 * Purchase a meal plan off our site today for a very low price and when I create your meal plan, I will send you a free workout along with this. It will include a workout telling you what to train, when to train, how many sets, reps, rest time etc. I will give you an ab routine that is very detailed, a cardio file based on what I think you should do after I read your questionnaire that you complete after purchase.
The meal plan will say what, when and how much to eat , I will say what to have when you are done weight training plus I will provide you with great info to help you transform your body and help you lead a better/ healthier lifestyle.

This deal is only good on Mothers Day, Sunday May 13,2012 from 12pm est until 8pm est.
The Fat Destruction Meal plan is what should be purchased on site.

Thank you all, enjoy your Mothers Day!. 


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