Dymatize Challenge Winner Lisa Powers Tells Us "How she almost quit".

The author of this blog post is the Dymatize challenge winner (Lisa Powers). Lisa is also a very dedicated member of Team Poynter / Fitnesspoynters.com .
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Lisa can be found at the following places:
Facebook.com as Lisa Powers
Bodybuilding.com as MissTeacher : http://www.bodyspace.com/missteacher

Lisa has made some of the most amazing strides with her transformation that I have ever witnessed, I must say it has been a pleasure to work with her for the past year and watch her change in so many ways.
She is a great motivator and inspiration to many many people, including myself.

Below you will see a post written by he telling how quitting came close to happening.


I teetered on the edge...seconds away. I was TIRED. Tired of working so hard every single day. Tired of weighing and measuring everything. Tired of logging workouts in a notebook. I JUST WANTED IT TO ALL END.
 I had been pushing hard consistently for seven months. I had already lost almost 60#. I felt really good about myself. WHAT ELSE DID I HAVE TO PROVE? WHO WAS I TRYING TO PROVE IT TO? WHY AM I STILL DOING ALL OF THIS?
 I didn't have an answer to any of those questions. However, what I did have was a lot of negativity inside of me. I began to hate everything form my workouts to even my hair! I was internalizing the anger and projecting it on myself with stuff that had nothing to do with my fitness/health goals. I kept pushing.
 Now, I fell so blessed to have been chosen as the Female Winner of the Dymatize Elite Ambition Challenge. I still can't believe it. This moment would have never have happened if I had quit!
 I wonder about past things I stopped/quit. How close was I from "winning"? Maybe if I had held out a couple more months, or kept trying a few more times. Maybe the only thing I needed to do was 'gut it out' for 10 more seconds and I would have had success.
 I will never know. That is a very unsettling feeling. "

Lisa Powers


  1. Great post! I know exactly what she is talking about. we are our biggest critic and when you go through a life change like this it get to be so taxing. If anyone chooses to start something like this, finish it! The body is truly amazing and so much can be accomplished if you stick with it. She is truly an inspiration...what's next for her?

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