Lisa Powers Gives Insight on Hunger Pain Pains

Bodybuilding.com Transformation challenge Runner-Up and Dymatize Challenge Winner gives us some insight on what she went through from feeling like she was starving, even right after eating a meal.


Feeling the pain - Hunger Pains

"I knew I was hungry when I was driving home after running the day’s errands. I felt it and looked at the clock. It had been 2.5 hours since I last ate…right on time.

Once I was home I just got busy doing stuff. I was putting away the dishes when I grabbed a bowl. I instantly wanted one of my “go-to” indulgences…1.5 cups salsa, 1 hunk of cream cheese and a BAG of Santitas Tortilla Chips. I craved them so bad in that instant.

A year ago, I would have went to the grocery store in that minute (it’s only 5 blocks away), bought the ingredients, and mix them in the bowl I was now holding.

However, today my mind flashed to the thought that I still haven’t eaten. I put the bowl away, cleaned the skillet and started to thaw some lean turkey.

It has taken me NINE months to recognize and understand the signals my body gives me. Additionally, during these nine months I have practiced how to respond appropriately to these signals.

I still have intense cravings for the foods that helped me to be obese. Maybe they won’t ever go away. I have learned to recognize that they usually pop up in a weakened state of mind…like right before it’s time for me to eat again.

For me, I work to be diligent about my meal timing. I feel my best eating every 2-2.5 hours. Some people like to eat every three hours. However, I have noticed that is really pushing me mentally (and physically) to stay on track.

Of course, I would have loved that all this had taken a shorter time frame to realize these signs/responses – nine months is a really long time.  I still have a lot to learn. However, it has brought me to a place of such peace and I am finally happy with myself.

I have also recognized that when I frequently make better choices, the happier I seem to be. And that is such a great feeling."

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