Get Some Iron in your Life.

Here is a short and sweet statement for those interested:

It's Sunday night as you should know, get up and get your meals prepped if you haven't already because you know when you work with me through training, you have to be ahead of your own game.
So if those meals aren't prepped, get up , get it done, rest up nicely, and get up in the morning and hit the gym and unleash hell in that place, go harder than you ever have, you'll know when you go hard eno

ugh when you get that light headed feeling or you have a yack attack.
If you aren't working with us and you need a trainer, you are missing out on some insane life altering plans to help you take your fitness to a new level.
Check us out online at fitnesspoynters.com . We have over 100 testimonials and 95% of those people can be found here on FB or bb.com , I'll guide you to them to prove our results are real...

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