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Hey Guys,
Once again, Lisa Powers has written a really good blog talking about some important issues in regards to competitors dealing with off season struggles.


"I was happy with myself before I decided to compete. I knew a competition body was temporary. Right now, I'm feeling good about my off-season body. Do I sometimes wish it looked different...Sure. However, I'm focused on my future and what it takes to reach those goals.

There seems to be a disconnect with a competitor knowing the process of getting ready for a competition and then how to respond after a show. I keep reading comments from competitors who are struggling mentally with their off-season body. I fell into that trap a few weeks ago. I had to revisit the facts of what I was doing and why.

I need to build muscle now to bring a better physique to the stage. I cannot do that in a deprived, over-trained state. My body doesn't look like my stage body, and it shouldn't. A competitor should not compare their current body to their stage body. Instead compare it to their most recent pre-contest body.


Here are my stats:

Pre-contest  135#     19%bf     size 6

Contest 119#     12%bf     size 2

Current 145#     20%     size 4

Things to take note:

1. Solely looking at weight, I am much heavier than my stage weight. However, I'm only up 10# form pre-contest.

2. Since I have been on a mass building plan since my competition that seems like a normal thing to happen.

3. Also, my jean size is smaller than my pre-contest. Which I think, shows the muscle I am gaining is reshaping my body.

What I have been doing:

1. I keep my nutrition in check with various types of carbs (corn, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, oats). I have a Treat Meal once a week of anything I want. Once every couple of weeks, I might have a sugary treat. I don't deprive myself of anything. I'm not DIETING - I'm eating HEALTHY!

2. I have done cardio only 4 times in the last four months since my competition.

3. I lift as HEAVY as I possibly can with every workout....5-6 days a week.

  Below is a video on the very topic:

Mentality is everything. If you are strong enough to go through everything to get on stage, then you are strong enough to alter your perception of your off-season body. "

You can do it. YOU ARE WORHT IT.

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