Monday Motivation ! Pics and Videos

Good evening, good morning or good afternoon.

I wanted to take a moment and send a huge shout out to all of our Team Poynter members who competed this weekend.
We had a ton take the stage, most of them for the 1st time , so let me say, it's been an honor working with you all and watching you all come such a long way in making this dream of yours come true.
You are all winners in my eyes, I saw firsthand what you went through, how you did it and what you overcame to get on that stage and rock it out the way you did.

Below are our competitors and class:
Jeff Decker: Masters Nationals: 4th place, mens Bodybuilding:  This is his 2nd bodybuilding show
Katie Durkin: Figure: 2nd place: This is her 2nd show
Nikki Morilak: Figure: 1st show: Did not place but looked incredible
Krystal Esling: Figure: 1st Show: Did not place but overcame so much and looked so good.
Stephen Siegel: Mens Physique: 3rd place: Did this as a warm up show leading into a national qualifying show: This was his 1st time on stage.........

I also wanted to share some progress that myself and Charlotte Quillen have made as she is 2 weeks out from her 2nd show in figure as she is doing the Kentucky State.
Note that at her 1st show, she took 1st place in her class .

Here you see Charlotte and Myka Clark hitting legs at 2.5 weeks out. Myka is also doing the Kentucky State show and competing in Bikini..This is her 1st show.

Thank you guys, I hope you found some motivation from this post.

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Have a great week everyone.

Steve Poynter

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