What I Have Learned So Far.......by Angelina Stewart.

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"I don't like to read long blogs so I'll keep it brief - was thinking about how I've changed this past year and thought about some of the things I've really learned about myself along the way - maybe this will help somebody else."

1.   It really is just Me against Me – I’m my biggest
       fan, my worst enemy, my biggest critic, my best motivator. Don’t laugh! You
know it’s true for you too! I’ve learned that the occasional outside motivator
is ok – but it’s who you REALLY are that’s gonna see you thru to the next

2.     2.  I’ve learned NOT to avoid the exercises that I
hate. I used to hate bicep curls – but as I increase in strength I feel like a
total bad@ss! I felt bad@ss curling 20 lbs 3 times – now I’m at 30lbs for a
full 3 sets – and still feel like a bad@ss! Now it’s shoulder presses – 20 lbs?…..
ugh! Getting stronger is a pure motivator – nobody did that but me. I always
try to go a little more every time I hit the gym. I’m only competing against
myself – and I know I have it in me.

3. 3. I am not like everyone else – I’m set apart –
there is something different about me. I let it shine thru my personality, my
walk – why not my body too? Why not my eating habits? I read a blog from
doinmiabs on here and he was talking about going to the store buying organic
strawberries and such – and people with their cart full of crap were looking at
him like he was the freak – the helped change my mindset!

4. 4.   I’m a person of influence. You never know who is
watching you – or listening to you. I like that by just being me I motivate
others. My daughter and son have now joined me in this new healthy lifestyle.

5.    5.  When I need TRUE motivation I listen to songs
that build me up on the inside. Like “Tonight” by Toby Mac. That song really
helps me to pull from within and set my mind. It reminds me of that “thing” on
the inside that so badly wants to see me make it to the other side. There are
other songs – Pantera ( A new level – of confidence and POWER!! – love that)
And then when I’m just in a funky mood there’s always Fergie’s London Bridge J

6.  6.     I’m past the “I just want to look good” mindset
or “I wanna be sexy”. I haven’t yet reached my goals but I already look good –
I’m already sexy! It’s how I walk, talk, and conduct myself. It’s in the
confidence I have – and that confidence is growing. And yes – I feel like
wonder woman most of the time – I don’t care what you think or what you say. I
am the best me I’ve ever been!

Those are just a couple things :)

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