Charlotte Quillen's 12 week Transformation video.. " Journey to the Kentucky Muscle" Clips from 10 weeks out until the final week.

Hello Everyone.
I hope you all are doing great, on point with all things that are leading you to your goals.

I wanted to take some time, share a few things from the show that Char did recently.

This video you see is her transformation , and I have also included a video from the show in which she was out for the overall Figure award.

Her results from the huge show are as follows:
Figure Class C:
1st place Novice
1st place Open
Overall Novice Winner

Up next: A National show in 2015 where she hopes to earn a Pro Card.

If you need some motivation, check this out, share it if you don't mind and if you post on fb or instagram, please tag us.

Thanks everyone, enjoy your day.

12 weeks until the final week of show prep: The Battle for Figure Overall Open Class.

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