Have your Foods Cooked for you as you Customize them online , then have them at your Door the next Day!!

Nutrijectmeals.com is here and ready to let you order your fitness foods online, customize it the way you need it.
Once Nutriject has your orders, they cook it , cool it, seal it in leak proof containers, put it in 10 lbs of dry ice and ship it overnight to your door via Fed-ex overnight delivery.

Here is an example order:
For instance, this is what is on my meal plan.
6 oz chicken breast
1 cup jasmine rice
1 cup broccoli

But I also need something else.
3 oz 99% lean ground turkey
1/2 cup broccoli
1/2 grapefruit

***No problem, consider it done...

I got to thinking, I don't have time to prep my daughters meals but I want her something good.

Simple: I'll order her a waffle and grapes off Nutrijectmeals

I simply get on nutrijetmeals.com and go to Custom Meals. I put my protein in of 6 oz chicken breast which I select from a dropdown menu.
I then go to the carb selection and select my rice.
Then on down to the vegetable dropdown and choose my broccoli unless I decide I want asparagus or green beans.

There are multiple options for every source of food.

Maybe I want some protein pancakes or muffins, I might want a full order of 4 which has 2 slices of turkey bacon with it or I may only want a half order which is 2 muffins or pancakes and still 2 slices of turkey bacon.

There are all sorts of Signature meal selections and new added monthly.
The newest is a low carb pizza wrap.

Get 15% off now on all orders by using the code of Freedom at checkout.

Shipping is Coast To Coast so no matter where you live , you receive it the day after ordering if you order Monday-Wed.
Thursday is the last shipping day as there is no guarantee Fed-ex can deliver to your door on Saturday.


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