Prices Cut & 25% off . July 5-6 Only

                 Prices Slashed & Discounts Added

For 2 days only, prices have been cut on 3 of the main programs at Fitnesspoynters.com  .
Take 25% off your already cut price with the discount code Freedom .

Get this great deal now, prices may never be this low again.

From New Workouts to New Ways of Customizing Meals Plans: We will get you the results you desire!!
Adding in weakly cheat meals where we see needed in order to help you fight through the week mentally by giving you something awesome to look forward to each Saturday.
Not only to help you out mentally but to give your body a big shock which will result in greater fat loss.

 The Famous Psychotic Fat Destruction:   Where your workouts changes every 2 weeks.

 The incredible results of fat loss and lean muscle gains  that the Extreme Fat Destruction can provide.

The newest addition: Where we tailor your workouts to what you have in your home to workout with, even if it's nothing, we can draw you up a custom workout to have you seeing results in no time.

From bodyweight workouts to resistance bands to milk jugs if needed, we can come up with anything for you to to to see results. 
Check it out, the Extreme Fat Destruction: Home Edition!! 


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