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Morning, Afternoon or Evening,

I will be posting a few Fitness tips over over the next few days or maybe even weeks all depending on the feedback we get and if this is helping anyone out.

Here's a little something to think on today if you are someone who is considering trying to better your Health.
*Wake up 15 mins early every morning, do some kind of cardio, it can be anything that will increase your Heart rate.
* A key while doing this is to not drink sugar and fat loaded things, simply have some water or if you know about supplements, a good tasting bcaa will be something of quality, if not the bcaa, then have some MIO or similar.

That's a simple fact that will help you be on your way to better health and this will also make you feel better for the rest of the day.
Sure the 15 mins of sleep you sacrificed will suck the 1st 4-5 days but after that , your body will adapt and it will be no problem. ‪#‎fitnesspoynters‬ fact of the day.

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