My Self Motivation Journey: 8 Weeks to Shredded: Episode 1 & 2

There are times when it's hard to find the motivation to stay driven, determined & disciplined. I fell into this rut early this year after doing a bulk over the winter, I ended up hating going to the gym, I couldn't find it in me to eat as clean as I needed in order to get lean gain.

So with having those troubles, I had to find something that would motivate me to put in all the work required to get my body back to the level I have always lived at, that level being very lean, walking around daily with a low bodyfat percentage.

The only thing I could think of that would Drive me to this level again would be to do this video series, documenting 8 weeks of work , I am now almost 3 weeks in and everything is going really really well, the Drive, Discipline & Determination have all returned. Follow my journey over the remaining 5 weeks and lets see where I can end up at the end.
New videos coming the weekend over August 6, 2016. Episode 1 Episode 2

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