Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to take a moment and wish all Team Poynter and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving..

I am personally thankful to have all of you in my life, rather it be as a friend or as your "leader" in my attempt in helping you create a better body. I am thankful for the hard work you guys have put forward, if you weren't for you following my lead and believing in what I have to offer with workouts and meal plans,  I would never have had the dream occupation of my life that I am now leading..
Thank you all..
As appreciation to you, please check in next week or subscribe to my blogs ...I will have our 1st giveaway, rather it be a free workout/ meal plan or my giving you a gift of tub of protein..

Thanks much,
Happy Thanksgiving....

Steve Poynter

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  1. Thanks Steve! This blog will be great! You are always so helpful and very inspirational.