Welcome to the new Team Poynter blog spot..
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What is Team Poynter ?
Team Poynter is a group of  individuals who are associated with the online training site: http://www.fitnesspoynters.com

Once you are a member of Team Poynter, you are classified as a hardcore fitness trainee, Team Poynter only knows one thing when it comes to training..You go balls to the wall every workout , if you don't or you can't, then you aren't considered part of Team Poynter.

What this blog spot will consist of:
  1. Updates on Progress of  Team Members
  2. Q&A from other Team Members
  3. Updates on the hottest available supplements
  4. Personal progress reports: As I will be starting the Psychotic Fat Destruction on the date of: 12-07-09
    I will be posting weekly progress videos and weekly progress pics..
  5. I will have weekly post about training: Things ranging from how to perform certain moves(Videos), how to shock your body with specific moves: What you can do if you are stalled in progress.. 
This is an overview of what you can expect, please feel free to share any ideas you may have that can benefit Team Poynter .
Thank you for stopping by, we are here to help anyone and everyone interested in better their bodies through clean eating and fitness....


  1. (-_-) I think I'm supposed to say something here.. haha.. I have to say wow.. End of Week one of the PFD plan, and like Im so freaking addicted to training now.. ITs my off weekend, and like Im just sitting at home thinking, "Man.. I gotta get back in the gym and do SOMETHING".. Steve has got me HOOKED down to the BONE! I even just ingore all the jerks in the gym and lift my ass off. YAY. Kudos to Steve!
    Ceejay Stevens

  2. Hey Steve and Team Poynter! I subscribed to the RSS Reader and just wanted to say I love the PFD plan. I'm going on WK 2 and feeling great! I wish everyone success on their journey to a lean mean physical machine...

    Pumping Iron 33

  3. Hi Steve, I too am so addicted to training. Your program is working great for me; has me right on track with my diet, my workout and taking days off. It's only been a week and a half and already people are saying things to me and looking at me differently. I hate to take days off because the mind gets so restless, but you taught that my muscles need the rest. Your a great inspiration and thank you so much for your expertise and time! You're FANTASTIC!