Lets Do This!

How many of you splurged on Thanksgiving? We have one more Holiday before the new year kicks off..How many of you want to change your body for that New Years Resolution? Do you do this every year but you fall off?
What makes you want to change your body with fitness, whey do you fall off?

Take these next few weeks, find out how bad you really want to change your body..When the time comes, you will have your mind right to do this..I know it's easy to let your body go with all the hurdles daily life throws at you..You can overcome these hurdles, just make time to eat a small meal 5-6 times a day, based of clean proteins, low carbs and healthy fats..Find time to workout about 60 mins a day..Once you get your metabolism going and that fat burning process taking over..You will start to drop fat fast...Many people give up after 2 weeks, for the average person, it takes about 6 weeks for your body to adjust and adapt to what is going on..After that 6 weeks, it is generally known as "fat melting" that  takes place..

This is where I encourage visiting http://www.fitnesspoynters.com . Here , we do not play around, we go hardcore, we get straight to the point, we have workouts to take your body to the next level and in a minimum amount of time..I see changes within 2 weeks of inches being dropped, pant sizes going down, lean mass being gained..You name it, it happens..
We tell you what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat.
We tell you what to eat pre workout, post workout and what the most beneficial things to take in before bedtime are..
The workouts are extreme, they are not boring, they bring a challenge to you like you have probably never seen.

What I want you to do is think about this..I will be be providing a Psychotic Fat Destruction plan for one reader who will have the chance to go on one of these hardcore workouts and clean meal plans for 0 charge..
In the upcoming weeks we will do things that will give this oppertunity to you..

For current Team Poynter members : I will have something special going on for you as well.
It may be free protein, free cellucor, etc....Stay Tuned....

Thanks much, I wish everyone a Great Day!


  1. Woot woot! You're such an awesome motivator! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for me..my mind is right, just have to work out those few kinks so I can get in the gym everyday. It's GONNA happen though! And can't wait to see the results once YOU start leaning out! :)

  2. Thanks Tammy..
    Can't wait to see how your results turn out also..
    Invite all you can, post this on your page if you don't mind..I hope to help someone in need out as I give away a few things..

  3. Hope , one day i will be using your plan.