Reasons to Squat & Squat Low!


The following are statements as to why the Squat is important and if you train, you should not avoid the all important squat..
In my opinion, you are not a squatter if you consider squatting as , going 2 inches deep on your squat..So get down there parallel and feel it..

"I don't squat because it makes my legs and butt too big." "I don't squat because squatting is bad for your knees." "I've got a bad back so I can't squat." If you think that these statements are true, then you don't know squat about the squat. One could write an entire book with all of the excuses women give for not performing the squat exercise. Instead of excuses, let's arm you with plenty of information on why you should squat and why squatting may be one of the most important exercises you can do.

In the royal family of leg exercises, squats are the king. They are also the most functional exercise for daily life. Just think about how many times a day you squat: when you sit down in a chair, when you get a file out of the bottom file drawer, and when you squat down to pick something up off the floor, like a bag of groceries or your child (if you lift correctly). Squatting works on the largest muscles in your body - the quadriceps (front of thigh), adductors (inside of thigh), gluteals (buttocks), hamstrings (back of thigh), gastrocnemius and soleus complex (calf), and erector spinae (back). Squats can also help you develop flexibility around your hips and calves, when you follow proper form and gradually increase your range of motion. Squats have the added benefit of being a free-weight and weight-bearing exercise. Free weights have many advantages over machines (see chapter 5) ,and free-weight squats specifically have been shown to improve bone density (see chapters 2 and 7).
If you are an athlete involved in a sport or if you want to be more athletic, squats offer exceptional preparation. The muscles used during squatting are the same muscles used for jumping, sprinting, and running. Squats provide the perfect transfer to the biomechanically similar motions of most ground-based sports. So if you are interested in running faster, lunging for that out-of-reach tennis ball, or jumping up for the perfect volleyball spike, squats should be an essential component of your training program.
Many women rate exercises or exercise programs not on how much they like them or how beneficial they are, but on how many calories they burn. "I need to do 10 more minutes on the stair machine to burn off that mocha latte with chocolate sprinkles," some think. Here's the good news for squatters: Squats burn a ton of calories and stimulate the cardiovascular system. With the additional muscle you'll pack on your legs, your resting metabolic rate will increase even more and allow you to burn some calories by just lounging on the couch. You'll not only burn calories during the squat, but you will also likely burn calories in the 24 hours after your squat workout, because of the intensity and heavy nature of the exercise. Sounds as if you can have your latte and drink it, too!
Squatting has an extra bonus especially for women. It has the potential to increase the bone density of the spine, hips, and legs, which may help prevent osteoporosis. Squats mechanically load the axial skeleton; the spine has to hold the weight upright, and it then distributes that weight to the rest of the body. You've already learned that strong bones can handle more stress and are less likely to fracture. Because the barbell loads weight on your shoulders and spine and your leg muscles work as they never have before, squatting may be the answer to osteoporosis prevention as well.
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Reasons to Squat:

1.) “It's hard to puke doing curls.” – Dave Tate

2.) “It's a great excuse to wear a big ass belt that makes you look less fat.” - Dave Tate

3.) “I love hearing ‘head up’ and it NOT being from a teacher.” – Dave Tate

4.) “Bashing your head on the bar is totally okay.” – Dave Tate

5.) “Internal rage.” – Dave Tate

6.) “You can gear whore up more than any other lift.” – Dave Tate

7.) “Very few movements require the same degree of dedication, desire and determination as heavy squats. Squats are more than a physical strength builder and may be the only movement that builds a person’s character. Life is about standing up AFTER a heavy load takes you down.” – Dave Tate

8.) “Light squats need to be treated as though they are heavy and heavy squats as if they are light.” – Dave Tate

9.) “No other exercise requires the same degree of total body tightness as the squat.” – Dave Tate

10.) “Any movement that uses cues ‘head up’ and ‘chest up’ is providing more positive reinforcement in ONE workout than most people get in a month.” – Dave Tate

11.) “ ‘Tweeds’ never squat.” – Dave Tate

12.) “One of the few lifts that can cause blood, sweat and tears to leave the body at the same time - without you knowing.” – Dave Tate

13.) “Increases bone density.” – Dave Tate

14.) “I can’t stand to see a rack alone.” – Dave Tate

15.) “ ‘Scrop’ – nothing better!” – Dave Tate

16.) “Because you told me to!” – Chris Bell

17.) “Great assistance work for the deadlift.” – Jeff

18.) "There is simply no other exercise (and certainly no machine) that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat." –Mark Rippetoe

19.) “After breaking my ankle twice and destroying my knee wrestling, my doctor said I shouldn't squat or deadlift anymore. That was 5 years ago. No one tells me I can't.” – Roman

20.) “To prevent other people from doing curls in the squat rack.” – Nick

21.) “There's nothing like throwing 300+ pounds on my back at 5AM, right?” – Sam

22.) “It’s sadomasochism in its finest. The endorphins released by not getting crushed by a weight and completing the lift is immense. I also like the joy of being sore after a great session, as well as the complete stress release it has. After a hard squat session, I can’t be stressed because I don’t have enough energy.” – Curtis

23.) “For performance and the fact it makes me feel strong(er)!!!” - Luka

24.) “I wouldn't ask the kids I coach to do something I wouldn't do myself. Plus, they cure cancer.” – Chad

25.) “Because I can. Ok, so I also kind of like hearing the guys whisper ‘damn’ under their breath when they watch.” – Charlotte

26.) “They cure cancer. AND they make you one STRONG old lady pushing 60!!” – Elaine

27.) “I love the belt taking a few inches off my waist. No need for cardio!” – Curtis

28.) “If you don’t squat, you’re officially an arsehole!” – Sean

29.) “The squat just builds overall body power... no exercise like it.” – John

30.) “Nothing else gives that same sense of being a F*CKING man.” – Tone

31.) “If you go heavy enough you can see twinkling lights all year round instead of just waiting for Christmas.” – Steve

32.) “Because if I don't, I get cranky.” –Ben

33.) “I like breaking capillaries and blowing blood vessels in my eyes just so people look at me like I’m crazy.” – Peter

34.) “I like to see just how far I can push my body.” – Mike

35.) “I'm addicted to squatting. I don't even like it.” – Dan

36.) “They make me happy. And they give me something to look forward to all day on Mondays.” – Josh

37.) “They make my ass look good.” – Jane

38.) “They cure EVERYTHING!” – Joel

39.) “The only thing that feels better than squats are deadlifts, and because it makes me feel good for ages afterwards.” – Brian

40.) “I enjoy the pain and the misery of the hard work that it requires.” – Ken

41.) “To prove that it can be done even though I have a bad back, bad knee and messed up shoulder.” – Jim

42.) “Easy to do, long time to master.” – Timothy

43.) “It is HARD and I think it takes years off of your life when you use bands.” – John

44.) “It is great way to utilize the curling rack... Oh, and it is the GREATEST LIFT OF ALL TIME!” – Jerome

45.) “It’s better than a leg press.” – Mike

46.) “What else would I do on Sundays?” – Bill

47.) “Because cowards won't.” – Larry

48.) “More muscular bulk equals more muscular power. Squats are the best exercise to gain muscular weight, so squats are the most important lift.” – Todd

49.) “Squats build back strength contributing to other lifts. Even a bench press person can benefit the bench through squatting. I like the squat because it has a rebound motion making it different from the one-way pull-from-a-dead-stop of the deadlift.” – Hans

50.) “It makes me uncontrollably slap ignorant people… the whole day.” - Larry

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