What Is Your Motivation!

What Is Your Motivation!

With summer time approaching us rather quickly, how many of you are having a hard time staying motivated and dedicated to training and creating that lean body we all desire?

If you are one who is struggling to stay on track with eating clean and training hard, try to dig deep within yourself and find something that can really drive you to make the changes you are after..

I know things for me have been difficult this year to date, going on a bulk where I made my way to 208 lbs. Then starting my cut , only to have it cut short 10 weeks in due to a kidney stone and surgery.
There are so many things that can hinder your progress, one of the worst things is finding it so easy to come off your clean eating plan and just running through a drive thru or grabbing something sweet out of your kitchen..

We all need something that will motivate us and keep us in line to get the body we want..
Go out and get yourself a magazine such as "Flex" MuscleMag" Oxygen or "Muscular Development".
All of these magazines have great articles in them that can easily get you motivated and get you back on track.
As you go through those pages, look at the pics, find someone you admire, cut the pic out and post it somewhere in your house. 
Anytime you are feeling like you want to cheat or stay home from the gym, go look at that pic, imagine, did they get that way by eating "dirty" or not training to their fullest potential?

A way I stay motivated and keep the focus is , I watch a lot of training DVD's such as Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren.
All these guys are on a level I will never be on, but still, the training they put themselves through, it only fuels you and wants you to train harder and harder..

Another great thing to do to keep you on track is to take progress pics..
Take your beginner, take more about 6 weeks into whatever you are doing(cutting/bulking). 

Avoid people who try to bring you down and keep you on the level they may be at, never listen to anyone who tells you that you can't do something in life..
Go after it, go all out and prove this person or people wrong and never look back.

I want to know what drives you, what keeps you going on a daily basis?
How do you cope with things that may interfere in what you are trying to accomplish with fitness?

Lets share some ideas and see if we can't get more and more people to stay on track and get the body they want....

Check this out for motivation:
Bodyspace member: Beautifulgrace doing squats: Get Low or Don't Go!

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