Mike Ulisse's Interview With Fitnesspoynters.com

Fitnesspoynters.com Interviews Big Mike Ulisse
Read How Big Mike stays Motivated took things with Fitness to a New Level!

What made you decide to make a change in your life that related to health and fitness?

I work in the industry, and I also suffered from Chronic Fatigue, which left me in very poor health after 2 years. I decided to take control of my health, and life.


What were the reasonings behind joining Fitnesspoynters.com?

Steve is the man, and I knew if I wanted the craziest results I needed the best in the business. I was also tired of people bitching about their coaches, and how ineffective they were. I knew I needed someone legit, and Steve’s reputation precedes itself.


What were some of the first changes you began to see in your transformation?

ABS!!! The torso just starts melting away. Also, the workouts show you where you really are as far as fitness goes. Also, how far you can push yourself, and also how little you are actually doing compared what you can do!


How long did it take for you to start noticing results?

2 weeks


What was the most challenging part of the Transformation?

The workouts. Everyday you left the gym wrecked! You felt awesome, but totally spent. Especially, on days where it was bodypart, abs, and cardio all in one session.


How long did it take you to reach your current weight after starting the program from fitnesspoynters.com?

8.5 weeks


How are you maintaining your fit status after completing the program?

I am currently 281lbs at 15% BF. I decided to bulk up for winter. I did have one injury that occurred from lifting too heavy, and cutting my water weight for a photoshoot. It is almost healed, and I am back on track.


How do the changes you have made affect your life today?

I used to walk into a room, and hear "Wow, that guy is so tall". Now I hear That dude is huge, ( or jacked). It’s a confidence builder. Also, I know how hard I can push my body, and I know where I am prone to injury. Life Lessons right there.


How would you rate your overall experience with Fitnesspoynters.com?

It was a 10 out of 10. You just have to give into to your coach. Communicate actively, and bust you ass! Results are going to come, and keep coming when you work with the best!


Weight Loss Tips

Tip 1: Sugar Free Puddings are a life saver. I ate up to 3 in one sitting to quelch the hunger pangs! I am 6’6” 285 though. One I upped my pre-workout carbs I found carb cravings to be less and less.
Tip 2: Ipod is your best friend. Nothing gets you through the last few sets or cardio than your favorite music. Adrenaline baby!
Tip 3: Take pics once a week or every other week. Learn to pose properly so you can compare each pic along the way, and have a really cool story to show people. Very motivating. Also, you can look at those pics to keep you motivated.
Tip 4: Try to find a training partner. Those days where you might slack off, are the days they won’t let you!!
Tip 5: Use Quality supps. They make up the 10% difference. Help with recovery, joints, energy, etc…

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